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Promoting business and cultural ties between companies, institutions and individuals


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USRCCNE - Promoting business and cultural ties between companies, institutions, and individuals.Members of the USRCCNE become a part of a vibrant network of individuals and firms dedicated to furthering business opportunities between the U.S. and Russia. How does USRCCNE do this?


1. USRCCNE Events

Usually concentrated in our home base of New England, these events blend informative presentations with networking opportunities. We strive to make these events as high-profile as possible to help spread public information about the Russian markets and our member companies. See, for example, the events we helped arrange celebrating the 200th Anniversary of US - Russia Relations or the results of our last Financial Markets Conference.

Members benefit first by gaining access to these events (and occasionally those events arranged by other organizations as well) at discounted rates, and second by gaining the opportunity to help actively plan events related to their industry and Russia.


2. USRCCNE Publications

USRCCNE publishes a regular monthly newsletter and maintains an active website intended to inform its members of upcoming events and to create an informed image of prospects for investment in Russia, as well as provide other information our members may find useful - such as on travel, bureaucracy, and language issues.

Members benefit first by gaining not only a free subscriptions to the newsletter, but also the ability to contribute to it. Contributing articles leads to increased visibility for your organization from our hundreds of subscribers who are specifically interested in business activity between the US and Russia. Secondly, corporate members also receive a permanent link from the USRCCNE website.


3. USRCCNE Works For You

We work with business organizations in the US and in Russia to bring exposure to the USRCCNE, and ultimately, to our members. Our modest membership dues, priced for both individuals and businesses, contribute to the organization's infrastructure and program of activities, raising the visibility of our members and their areas of interest.

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