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Past Issue
Winter 2003 Issue

Dear Members and Friends of the U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce of Boston, Inc.:

We are very proud to be able to bring you this winter 2003 newsletter through the use of our new web site capabilities.  This fall has been a very active period, with much more to come.  We want to use this newsletter to bring you up-to-date on what we have been doing, changes in the Chamber itself and our plans for the winter and spring.  Please read on to find out more about:

  • Fall Information Technology Events
  • April Russian Financial Markets Conference
  • The Chamber Changes Its Name
  • New Web Site Design and Capabilities
  • New Member Spotlight
Fall Information Technology Events

This fall the Chamber hosted two receptions focused on the Russian information technology industry.

The first event was a private dinner in honor of a government delegation led by Mr. Andrei Korotkov, First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Communications and also the Director of the E-Russia Directorate for Electronic Russia 2002 - 2010.  Mr. Korotkov spoke about the opportunities for New England companies to take part in the IT and telecom industries in Russia.  His Deputy, Ms. Selena Semushkina, presented an overview of the ambitious plans of the Russian government for integrating the Internet into government operations and public sector organizations.

Guests at the dinner included representatives of the Massachusetts Software & Internet Council, AeA/New England Chapter, Maine Center for International Trade, New Hampshire Software Association, Massachusetts Telecommunications Council, Maine Science & Technology Foundation and the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative.  Others in attendence were industry analyst Aberdeen Group and MassHighTech, the region's leading technology newspaper.

The second event was a forum and reception on November 14 featuring presentations by Steve Chase, President of Intel Russia; Anatoly Karachinsky, President of IBS (Russia's largest IT holding company) and Mark Sanor, Partner, Ernst & Young (CIS).  Each of the speakers addressed the topic of IT opportunities in Russia from their own point of view.  Afterwards there was an active question and answer period.  The program attracted senior technology and business development executives, government officials, IT analysts, investors and press from New England, New York and Washington.

Both of these fall events were co-sponsored with RUSSOFT - National Software Development Association of Russia and were made possible by the financial support of Auriga, Inc.; Vested Development, Inc. and STAR Software, Inc.

Chamber to Announce Protocol of Cooperation at Second U.S.-Russia ICT Roundtable

Daniel Satinsky, President of the Chamber will represent the organization at the Second U.S.-Russia ICT Roundtable in San Mateo, California on February 20.  The Roundtable is taking place under the umbrella of the Russian American Business Dialogue and is scheduled to be addressed by U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Evans and by Russian Minister of Communications, Reiman.

At the Roundtable, Mr. Satinsky will announce that software and business associations from four New England states have agreed to sign a Protocol of Agreement for Mutual Cooperation with RUSSOFT - National Software Development Association of Russia.  This Protocol, brokered by the Chamber, will be signed by the Massachusetts Software & Internet Council, the Software Association of New Hampshire, the Connecticut Technology Council and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce at an official signing ceremony with RUSSOFT in Massachusetts in late April.

The mission of the Roundtable is to review, support and identify practical steps to implement improved American and Russian investment and market opportunities in the information and communication technology (ICT) sectors.  It will be attended by executives from major US and Russian companies in the ICT sectors and by government representatives from both sides.  The organizers of the Roundtable are The Foundation for Development of Information Technologies and The Association of IT Enterprises of Russia (APKIT), in conjunction with the Ministry of  Communications and Informatization of the Russian Federation and the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, and the U.S.-Russia Business Council in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Commerce.

April Financial Markets Conference

On April 23, the Chamber will be holding a half-day conference on opportunities in Russian financial markets.  The event will be co-sponsored by the U.S.-Russia Business Council.  It will feature an opening presentation by a leading Russian company executive, along with panel discussions on Russian Equity and Debt Markets and on Opportunities for Private Equity Investment.  The conference will include a luncheon in honor of the Tenth Anniversary of the U.S.-Russia Business Council.  Seats will be limited and attendance will be by pre-registration only.  Please watch the web site for further information.

Chamber Name Change

Over the past several years, the activities of the Chamber have spread beyond Boston into other sections of Massachusetts and into the bordering New England states.  The name of the organization no longer correctly conveyed the reach of its activities and interests.  In order to make the geographic description fit our true activities and intentions, we have changed the name of the organization.  It will now be called "U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce of New England, Inc."

New Web Site Design and Capabilities

We invite all members and friends to take a look at our web site at: www.usrccne.org.  The Chamber web site has undergone a dramatic overall beginning in December of last year.  The structure of the site has been completely reorganized and the amount of information available has been dramatically increased.  You can find notices of upcoming events, resources for Russian business and unique news content through our active link with the Russian magazine "Diplomat."  Soon we plan to add even more information and links to resources in Russian regions.  We invite your suggestions about links and information that you think should be added.

Furthermore, this new platform allows us to move to a totally electronic system of contact with our members and interested supporters through notices and newsletters like this one.  From now on, we will no longer be corresponding with paper notices in the mail.  This should help us to improve the regularity of our communication with you.

Credit for these changes should go to internet agency "Ru-Site" and to Renee Stillings of Alinga Consulting Group, who oversaw the design and development of the new site. Our thanks to you.

New Member Spotlight

Memberships are the base of the Chamber.  We would like to welcome new members who have joined us most recently, including:

GGA Software Services LLC.  GGA provides offshore outsourcing services in software engineering, algorithm development and content development, with a strong focus on the life sciences.

Market Access International, Inc.  Market Access International provides marketing and sales services to companies entering new markets or expanding existing ones, doing the "pioneering" work required in complex markets, building visibility and credibility. 

Pan EurAsian Enterprises.  Pan Eurasian is a specialized consultancy and advisory firm based in the U.S. that provides focused expertise to the energy and power generation industries for project development and finance.

Renew Your Membership and Help Expand the Chamber

Within the next month, existing members will be contacted with reminders to renew their support of the Chamber through renewing their membership.  We will also be reaching out to companies and individuals not currently members who we believe should become members.  If you have any companies that you would like to have us contact, please send the company name, contact name, phone number and e-mail address to us.

Membership fees have been modified for corporate members.  New corporate members who have under 15 employees will be charged a membership fee of $250 per year and those with over 15 employees will be charged a membership fee of $500 per year.  Existing members of any size renew their registration at the $250 rate for this year only. 

Your membership is the fundamental base of support for the organization.  We want to build on this support to provide an ever-expanding set of activities to serve the members.  We look forward to your financial support in these endeavors.

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