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November, 2015 - Benifits for Membership

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USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

Modern technology makes the world global. To take advantage of modern opportunities and mitigate modern risks, you need information and networking opportunities in abundance. USRCCNE has been an early trailblazer in offering these opportunities since 1995, offering a free newsletter as well as conferences, seminars, and networking evenings.

We've done this because we are passionate about staying ahead of global changes, and confident that a global world can be a better world, if we work together to make it so. If you agree, and especially if you've enjoyed our newsletter or events, please consider joining us by becoming a member. It's affordable, easy, and comes with great benefits!

We hope you will consider supporting us – and we hope you enjoy this month's newsletter, full of information about how our members are profiting from and contributing to society, and information on current economic changes that can affect your business.

We hope that you will continue to follow our newsletter and events. Please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or requests!

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Upcoming Events

Intern Abroad
in Russia!


Join USRCCNE and Network!
(November 19, Boston, MA) Become a member of the US-Russia Chamber of Commerce of New England and join us for an evening of mingling and networking while enjoying spectacular views of the city at the Downtown Harvard Club!

Alinga Seminar
(November 18, Moscow, Russia) Join Alinga for information and networking covering a range of tax, accounting, and other business issues. This is event is free - but register early as space is limited!

Alinga Webinars
(Ongoing - Online) Alinga is hosting a series of Russian-language webinars on a range of issues affecting business in Russia today.

Mosaic Icons Tour with Robert J. Andrews
(November 15, Lowell, MA) Iconist Robert J. Andrews will present his masterpiece - 40 years in the making - the Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church in Lowell, MA, whose sanctuary is adorned floor-to-ceiling with his stunning mosaic icons.


Featured Articles

Language Complicates Migrant Crisis
Migrants, half of them children, arrive in these new lands after dangerous and uncertain journeys, in desperate need of supplies and shelter, and seeking asylum. At the same time, local officials are overwhelmed as they try to support and oversee such large numbers of newcomers.

How Chinese Businessmen Are Succeeding in Russia
While Russians buy from AliExpress, Chinese entrepreneurs buy out crumbling Moscow historic estates. This translation was sponsored by USRCCNE for the benefit of our members and readers interested in business in Russia.

When Accounting Interferes With Getting the Job Done
Depending on specialization, accounting gets in the way of work for 30-50% of employees: PR (41%), procurement (46%), IT (43%), marketing (33%), sales (28%), production (27%), HR management (33%), administration (37%) and legal (51%). Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

The Art of Daily Practice Conversations
SRAS Home and Abroad Scholar Jonathon Rainey shares an affirmation on the virtue of making mistakes when learning a language. Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter

SRAS MiniLesson: Russian Sanctions
This month's SRAS MiniLesson focuses on understanding Russia's sanctions on other countries - in particular Russia's food sanctions - and the vocabularly needed to discuss them in Russian! Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter


Language Connections
If you have an ad to submit to this space, contact us! Free for members!

USRCCNE and Member News

Destination: Kyrgyzstan
The cost of living in Kyrgyzstan is very low. Our students always rank it highly for its affordability. For faculty-led programs, it is possible to travel with small groups and still have excellent cost efficiency.

Annual Ukraine Business Pitch Competition at the Sikorsky Innovation Challenge
Through its online training programs and boot camps, CRDF Global strives to provide scientists and engineers from areas afflicted with ongoing military conflict, as well as other regions of Ukraine, access to tech entrepreneurship training and mentoring that will provide them the tools to rebuild their careers and regions and contribute to Ukraine’s economic revival.

Alinga Sponsors Moscow Youth Soccer League - 2015
Alinga is proud to sponsor the Moscow Youth Soccer League (MYSL), a great organization that has been operating in Moscow for more than 15 years. For the first time, the Alinga Team made it to the playoffs placing sixth out of twelve teams.

Language Connections Translates for Global Marketing Company
Deep Focus is a global marketing company that often uses surveys to target advertising for various audiences. In this case, they required Language Connections to translate a global love survey for audiences in different parts of the world. Each language translation needed to be localized for the respective country and target population.


If you have an ad to submit to this space, contact us! Free for members!

Business and Economy

Poll: Only 40% of Russians Have Savings
40% percent of Russians have no savings. That that do have them overwhelmingly keep them in rubles (57% of respondents have ruble savings accounts). 4% keep dollar savings and only 2% keep euro savings. (Full Poll in Russian.)

Sanctions Curbing Foreign Investment in Innovation in Russia
Participants of the recent International Investment Forum in Sochi say that U.S. and EU sanctions on Russia are impeding international investment in innovative start-ups, with foreign companies not aware of what they can do under the new conditions. Meanwhile, according to Russian observers, several new innovative clusters may be created in Russia, including in Sochi.

Russian Health IT Startups Spend a Week in Philly
The U.S. Russia Innovation Corridor caught wind of the city’s growing health IT scene, said Temir Alimov, a business consultant with the Corridor who spent a month as a professional fellow at the University City Science Center last fall.

Russian Wages Are Clearly Declining
Here, courtesy of Rosstat’s latest report, is what has happened since the beginning of 2014.

Russian Law Allowing Seizure of Foreign-Owned Assets Passed by Federation Council
The law gives authorities the power to limit the legal immunity of a foreign country and its property on Russian territory in response to similar restriction in that country.

Russia’s Economy and the Impact of Financial Sanctions
World Bank's Chief Economist for Russia interviewed on sanctions and the state of Russia's economy.

Russian Inflation Levels Off
Since April, on average, price growth has been running slightly below where it was in 2014.

Vladivostok 'Blockaded' by Collapse of Airline Transaero
No economy class tickets to and from Moscow have been available for three weeks and travel by train takes a week.

Forbes Names Putin World's Most Powerful Person for Third Year
Russia's president continues to prove he's one of the few men in the world powerful enough to do what he wants --and get away with it.

Money, Patriotism Drive Russians to Join Syria mission
"Those who remember our first Syrian campaign, from the Soviet era, are especially in demand."

Russian Media Mogul Found Dead in Upscale D.C. Hotel
Mikhail Lesin, a former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin who helped found the English-language news service Russia Today, was found dead in an upscale Washington hotel room, police and Russian authorities said. He was 57.

The Dark Side of a Free Floating Ruble
One year after the Central Bank stopped defending the ruble against devaluation, this article lists five ill effects of that decision.

Russia's Economy: What Do the Numbers Tell Us?
The collapse in oil prices, coupled with economic sanctions, has significantly impaired economic growth. The question is: How bad is it, and what are the future prospects for recovery?

Extreme Study Abroad: The World Is Their Campus
As educators question what college should look like in the 21st century, one answer is: global.

Russian Trust in State Institutions Grows
Russians' trust in almost every key institution of state has increased during the past two years, even as the country's economy has tanked and freedom of expression has been eroded.

Russia Isn’t Looking Good. But It Sure is Feeling Good.
The 2015 rankings have Russia coming in as the 58th most prosperous country — an improvement of 10 spots in the rankings.


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