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Past Issue
August, 2015

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia


USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

We look forward to seeing you all on August 20! There will be some great views, some free appetizers, and some amazing people to talk to. With August winding down, that means the kick off to the business season is just around the corner. Let's do it right! For free and in style! Sign up in advance here.

This month's newsletter will bring you up-to-date on this month's news about the Russian economy and about some of the exciting things our members have been up to.

We hope that you will continue to follow our newsletter and events. Please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or requests!

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Upcoming Events

Intern Abroad
in Russia!


U.S.–Russia Chamber of Commerce Networking Night
(August 20 - Boston, MA) The US-Russia Chamber of Commerce invites you for evening of mingling and networking with our members and friends, while enjoying spectacular views of the city!

Alinga Webinars
(Through August - Online) Alinga is hosting a series of Russian-language webinars on a range of issues affecting business in Russia today.


Featured Member Articles

Online Retail in Russia
Danny Perekalsky, CEO of Russian e-commerce group Ozon.ru, recently spoke with The Village, a Russian-language online publication, about life online, sales growth and business competition on the Web. This translation was sponsored by USRCCNE for the benefit of our members and readers interested in business in Russia.

Hiring a Foreigner in Russia
A new article from Alinga Consulting on the new regulations for signing employment agreements with foreign workers in Russia, special conditions of employment agreements, and sanctions for workers who violate migration and labor legislation in Russia. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Interest on Debt Obligations in Russia
A new article from Alinga Consulting on the changes in tax accounting for 2015. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Russian Foreign Affairs in the News
A round up of the many major stories in world affairs that involve Russia - from the latest on MH-17, Russia's successful BRICS and SCO conferences, Russia's new NGO Stop List, and the continued deterioriation in US Russia relations (and areas where US-Russia relations are still strong). Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter

Dual Citizens, Adoptees, and Heritage Speakers
An updated guide from SRAS on saftey and logistical issues surrounding travel for dual citizens and adoptees. Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter

Employee Tenure Becomes Hot Topic for Tech Companies
Auriga describes what's happening in IT human resources now.

A Tale of Two States
CRDF Global Board Member, Rodney Nichols and Mandë Holford make the case for improving the US' science diplomacy efforts. Read more in the latest issue of Science Magazine.

Immigrants and the Economy
18% of all small business owners in the U.S. are immigrants.


Language Connections
If you have an ad to submit to this space, contact us! Free for members!

USRCCNE and Member News

Language Connections Translations for EB-5 Regional Centers
Language Connections, a professional legal translation company, has been selected to provide linguistic assistance for several project overview brochures, program descriptions, sample contracts, and other legal documents for California Military Base (CMB) Regional Center.

Alinga at Conference in Pittsburgh
Chet Bowling and Alexie Spirihin of Alinga Consulting attended the 2015 PrimeGlobal Partner Leadership Conference in Pittsburgh.

CRDF Global Assists Ukrainian Innovators
Under the Kharkiv Innovation Platform (KIP) program in Ukraine, CRDF Global supported the participation of 40 Ukrainian tech transfer experts to the six-week online Train-the-Trainer* (TtT) learning session in Ukraine.

Peter Arnett Joins Alinga Consulting
Peter Arnett in taxation – both local and international with over twenty five years’ experience.

Auriga Expands Its Presence in Russia
In July, Auriga opened a new state-of-the-art software development center in Saint Petersburg. It is the third company office in Russia outside of Moscow.


Business and Economy

Russian Startups Are Coming to the U.S.
The extent of this migration is hard to quantify, since not everybody gets the right visas right away, but it’s telling that the amount of two particular types of nonimmigrant visas granted by the U.S. embassy in Russia (L1, for employees, and O1, for “outstanding aliens”) has been steadily growing over the last five years, with the amount of L1 visas doubling from 2009 to 2014.

Tips for Russians Working Abroad
Many multinationals in Russia are using the current downturn to send their prized local employees to other destinations when there is a shortage of work for them locally.

Language, Friendship and Politics: Expats Tell All
A recent audience survey of WSJ Expat readers and followers has resulted in the following article.

Anti-Americanism Provides Big Boost to Russia's Small IT Businesses
Small software firms are starting to thrive, in part because of Western sanctions.

Russia Puts its Law above European Court Rulings
Russia can avoid implementing European court judgments if they conflict with the Russian constitution, a top Russian court has ruled.

Investors Lose Interest in Russia
The Templeton Russia and East European Fund, a US investment fund founded 20 years ago by legendary portfolio manager and emerging markets expert Mark Mobius, announced its liquidation.

Russia’s Housing Sector, Amazingly, Is Still In the Middle of Bloom
On a year over year basis, total output was up by 15%. That would be good even in the midst of a strong economy, in the midst of a Russia today it is nothing short of remarkable.

Are European Companies Ignoring E.U. Sanctions On Russia?
On one hand, European energy companies are getting ready for the end of Western sanctions, which are not expected to end until next January. On the other hand, lawyers at these firms are working overtime to make sure they’re successful at loopholing the E.U.

If you have an ad to submit to this space, contact us! Free for members!

Saudi Arabia to Invest $10B in Russia
Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund is to invest up to $10 billion in Russia over the next five years, in a move signaling a thawing in relations between the two countries.

Free Land Allocation Requires Infrastructure Investment
Russia hopes to lure population to its Far East with free land; Russians are interested, but expect infrastructure and social services to be there first.

Moscow's Baby Bust?
Within a decade, according to RANEPA’s estimates, the population of Russian women aged 20 to 29 will shrink by nearly 50 percent.

Weak Ruble is the ‘New Norm’
If we know that Russia cannot return to the old macro model, what new conditions can be created which will constitute the new norm?

Russia’s State Banks are Rotten
Russia’s banking system has long been considered the weakness in the state capitalism system that Putin has been busy building. The generally underdeveloped nature of Russian banks is precisely why Western sanctions targeted them.

Russia Braces for Longest Recession in Decades With $50 Oil
The latest downturn in the world oil market means Russia's recession may stretch into next year for the longest slump in two decades.

Russian Food Prices Stabilize After Months of Racing Inflation
Russian food prices have seen a record drop since inflation skyrocketed beginning in late 2014. But this could be the eye of the storm.

Yandex Outpaces Uber in $1bn Russian Taxi Market
The Yandex.Taxi fleet has more than 15,000 vehicles in Moscow compared to 10,000 for its Israeli competitor Gett and America’s Uber with 3,000.

Twenty-two Million Russians Beneath Poverty Line
The problem of poverty in Russia is most likely to intensify in the coming years, experts say. While the Russian authorities are taking measures to provide social support to the population, these efforts are insufficient to reverse this trend.

Russia to Launch New Ratings Agency
Russia's Central Bank said in part that “the Russian market requires a strong credit rating agency with a high level of corporate governance and professional competency ” that can be “stable in the face of geopolitical risks.”

Russian Scientists Squeezed by Sanctions, Kremlin Policies
Now politics is again clouding the scientific horizon.

Ukraine Offers Huge State Firms to Foreign Investors
Ukraine will offer nearly 350 state firms for sale.

Russia's New SEZ (article in Russian)
Russia has a new Special Economic Zone in the Moscow Region that will support the construction materials, biotech, and food processing industries.

Russians Satisfied with Life, Preparing for Worst
According to the All-Russian Center for Studying Social Opinion (VTsIOM), 81 percent of Russians believe the situation in the country is positive and 88 percent are content with their personal life. However, 40 percent think that the most difficult times for Russia are still ahead.

How a U.S. Think Tank Fell for Putin.
The Carnegie Moscow Center used to be a hub of Russian liberalism. Now it stands accused of being a 'Trojan horse' for Russian influence.

Putin Hurts a Think Tank by Not Banning It
By branding that which the regime thinks as bad as good, we brand that which the regime does not proclaim as bad as bad. This is a danger to intellectual inquiry.

Russian Business Angels Demand Justice for Beleaguered U.S. Academic
A Russian entrepreneurial advocacy group has filed a formal complaint with the head of state-run media holding VGTRK demanding he launch an investigation into an incendiary news broadcast that had accused a U.S. entrepreneur of "bringing harm" to Russia.


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