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Past Issue
March, 2014

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia

USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

The recent dramatic events in Crimea have received extensive political coverage. The economic effects of the crisis, however, are just as important, although they have not received as much attention. This month's USRCCNE newsletter concentrates on the economic side of recent events, drawing together articles analyzing current conditions and forecasting what possible sanctions might mean for Russia, Europe, and the US.

This month's newsletter also brings coverage of recent changes to Russian legislation for various industries, coming changes to infrastructure in Russia, and more.

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Upcoming Events

Pysanky Ukrainian Egg Decorating Workshop
(March 21, April 4, 2014 - Clinton, MA) Just in time for Easter, explore the art, symbolism and joy in creating pysanky. Pysanky are Ukrainian Easter Eggs, decorated using beeswax and dyes that are applied in layers. No experience is necessary; all materials will be provided.

4th International Young Entrepreneurs Forum
(March 21-23 - Yaroslavl, Russia) More than 300 participants from Russia, the EU, and the US will meet in Yaroslavl to encourage young entrepreneurs. USRCCNE President Daniel Satinsky will be among those presenting.

2014 Global Technology Symposium
(March 24-26, 2014 - San Mateo, CA) The Global Technology Symposium is proud to announce the 11th annual installment of Silicon Valley’s leading investment conference, covering venture capital, technology, and entrepreneurship in emerging markets. Register by March 14, 2014 to reserve your place.

Jewels of the Romanovs Lecture
(March 27, 22, 2014 - Clinton, MA) Jewels and jeweled objects played a major part both in Russian Imperial ceremonials, and in the private lives of the Romanov family. Nicholson examines the art of jewelry and jewelry collecting in Russia from Peter the Great's formation of the "Diamond Chamber" and the organization of the Crown Jewels, to the creations of the vast private collections of the Imperial family.

Traditional Russian Tea
(April 26, 2014 - Clinton, MA) Learn about the culture and history of Russian tea, and sample some traditional treats. Experience tea service from a samovar, practice some Russian vocabulary, and engage in lively conversation while enjoying a variety of teas and traditional Russian accompaniments.

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USRCCNE and Member News

Personal Income Tax Filing for Foreigners Living in Russia
Filing your personal income taxes in today’s global world can be complicated and time-consuming. Income and assets in multiple countries mean juggling multiple sets of tax legislation and dealing with multiple tax agencies. Alinga Consulting Group, experts in Russian taxation and accounting since 1999, helps expats living in Russia file their personal income taxes.

Alinga Offers New Transfer Pricing Services
Alinga now offers a unique modular approach to transfer pricing projects to allow its clients to stay compliant with Russian legislation at a relatively low cost.

SRAS Summer Seminars Abroad
SRAS students taking a full summer of Russian as a Second Language abroad can also sign up for one of four specially-priced seminars on art, business, environment, or anthropology.

Auriga Named to Global Outsourcing 100 Rankings
Auriga, a US-based expert software R&D and IT outsourcing services provider has been named of the Top 25 Rising Stars of The 2014 Global Outsourcing 100.

Meet with Auriga at EE Live! 2014
Auriga is heading to one of the largest international events for the electronics industry, EE Live! (Electronics Engineering Live!), the event organized by UBM Tech (formerly known as DESIGN West). EE Live! 2014 will take place March 31–April 3, 2014, at the McEnery San Jose Convention Center.

Travel and Transport

4 Russian Travel Tips for Visiting America
Russia’s take on American etiquette.

Potential Investors Get Preview of Moscow-Kazan High-Speed Rail Project
The Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway concession project was presented to potential investors on Tuesday, in advance of expected government approval for the project due in March.

Low-cost Airline Market Set to Take Off
There are no Russian budget carriers in the market now, making the domestic market an available niche for local airlines.

Fourth Moscow Airport Taking Shape
The owner of the airfield, Rostec, has selected a Lithuanian firm to help convert some of the property into a civilian airport in a deal worth $240 million.

Russia Suspends Some Trade via Lithuanian Port
Russia had suspended food product imports through Lithuania's major port Klaipeda, the Baltic country's prime minister said on Thursday, a move local businesses saw as Moscow's way of exerting political pressure at a time it is confronting Ukraine.

Crimean Port Important To Russian Ag Exports
The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is a problem internationally and in agriculture.

Russian Coal Terminal Construction
Russia’s Volga Group has acquired a 50% stake in Sukhodol LLC – the company which is constructing the new bulk terminal at Sukhodol Bay in Russia’s Primorsk territory.

Blimp Builder Targets Canada, Russia
Amur Minerals a miner in Siberia is considering a 10-ton capacity airship to avoid spending $150 million on a road project.

SVO Unveils New Comfort Lounge for Limited-Mobility Passengers
On February 27, 2014, Sheremetyevo International Airport unveiled its new “Saturn” Lounge, designed for the rest and relaxation of limited-mobility passengers. The new lounge is located in the public area of Terminal D (first floor, arrival area, right wing).

Automatic Luggage Lockers in Aeroexpress Terminal
The Aeroexpress Terminal at SVO has installed automatic luggage lockers. You can leave your belongings for up to two days.

Domodedovo Road Construction
Due to construction works on the A-105 federal highway, scheduled through March of 2014, Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport recommends its passengers use Aeroexpress services.

Moscow Start-up Crusades for Efficiency at Airports
Asteros Labs, a Moscow-based start-up, offers an IT-enabled unified check-in solution that it claims would dramatically refashion the current check-in process, preventing excessive passenger line-ups, speeding up luggage check-in, and helping airports save at least 60% of check-in staff training costs.

Never Too Many Books!

Crimean War History The Crimean War: A History

Tatars of Crimea The Tatars of Crimea: Return to the Homeland

2014 Guide to Ukraine 2014 Essential Guide to the Ukraine and the Crisis with Russia

Crimea Crimea: The Last Crusade 

Crimea Question The Crimea Question: Identity, Transition and Conflict

strategic_cooperation Strategic Cooperation: Overcoming the Barriers of Global Anarchy

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Articles - Crimea

Western Businesses in Russia, Watchful and Wary
Western multinationals with big investments in Russia have faced other crises over the years. But the standoff between Russia and the West is posing a range of new challenges that threaten to undermine Western companies’ business in Russia.

Russian Firms Monitoring Ukraine Exposure
Russian companies and banks are watching events in Ukraine anxiously because they stand to lose billions in investments and business in the former Soviet republic.

How Might Sanctions affect Russia?
Economic sanctions, if they are carried out, could affect a variety of Russian industries, but Russia’s international partners could be hurt as well.

Russia Preparing Response to US and EU Sanctions
The Federation Council is drawing up a bill that would allow the government to confiscate the property of US and European companies in the event of Western sanctions.

Ukraine Crisis Nets Billions of Dollars for Kremlin
A cheaper ruble and more expensive oil could actually go a long way in improving Russia's economy, possibly offsetting other potential aftershocks of the Ukraine crisis.

Crimea’s Economy in Numbers and Pictures
What the sunny Black Sea peninsula can offer economically and what ties it has with Moscow and Kiev.

Crimea: Economic Fallout of a ‘Yes’ Vote
US and European leaders say Russia will pay a price for annexing Crimea, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned of a potential “catastrophe.”

Western Banks Closing Russian Credit Lines
Former Russian finance minister Alexei Kudrin is apprehensive about possible Western sanctions against Russia and said limitations in the banking sector have already begun.

Crimea Secession Likely to Spark Economic Disorder
Crimea’s two million people will quickly feel the impact in their pockets from the secession and will endure months of economic disorder.

Logistics of Annexing Financial and Monetary Systems
The primary goal for the Russian army will be to launch the monetary system of Crimea.

West Develops Four Scenarios of Anti-Russian Sanctions
According to Kommersant, the US and the EU have developed four scenarios of anti-Russian sanctions that would be imposed depending on Moscow’s reaction to the Crimea referendum.

Visa Ban on Russian Energy CEOs could Backfire
A possible ban on visas for the heads of Russia's two biggest energy firms, Rosneft and Gazprom, may hamper their international partnerships but also harm their Western partners and push the two towards the East.

US Suspends Trade Talks with Russia over Ukraine
The US has suspended forthcoming trade and investment talks with Russia over situation in Ukraine, according to a US official. In addition, the Pentagon announced that the US has also suspended all joint “military engagements” with Russia

Articles - Business and Society

Language Connections
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Putin Signs NGO Snap Checks Bill into Law
President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that would set out additional reasons for conducting surprise inspections of non-governmental organizations.

Emerging Middle Class Delays Major Purchases
Winds of uncertainty are blowing again and many in emerging markets have put off big-ticket purchases as a result.

Fast Food Conquers Russia, Brings Obesity
International fast food came to Russia together with capitalism and quickly captured the Russian market. Now Russian scientists are echoing their Western colleagues: fast food is bad for health, it contributes to obesity. 

Russian Government Tightens Control over GMOs
The State Duma lower house is already considering a bill tightening control over genetically modified products and imposing a ban on their imports.

Fund Head Hails Spike in Investments Into Russia
The head of a state investment fund in Russia on Friday hailed the country’s leap to third place in foreign direct investment rankings in 2013, up from ninth position the previous year.

The Role of Language at the Sochi Olympics
Did you know that there are only three languages representing all voices at any Olympics? Two permanent official languages, English and French, and a third which is the language of the host country. But language at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics was somewhat more complicated. The planning alone required quite a bit of linguistic preparation. Language Connections shares with you the inside story on the role of language at Sochi. Subscribe to the LanguageConnections Newsletter

Russian Corner: Declaring Personal Income Tax
This article, written and maintained by the professionals at Alinga Consulting Group, explains the procedure and many aspects of declaring personal income tax and filing tax declaration in the Russian Federation. It addresses the issues of tax status (tax residents vs. non-residents of RF), tax rates for residents and non-residents, the categories and maximum amount of tax deductions among other issues. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Just for Fun: International Women's Day in Russia
The history and culture of one of the more popular Russian holidays. Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter

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