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Past Issue
April, 2013

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia

USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

As, we are sure, were all of you, we at USRCCNE were outraged and shocked by the recent bombing in Boston. We were also touched and heartened at the immediate outpouring of support for all the innocent people affected by them that immediately followed. Whether it was businesses donating money and materials, locals donating sleeping space, or runners continuing to run past the finish line and straight to the hospital to donate blood, this event, in the end, showed the best that Boston, New England, and all of humanity has to offer. We are proud to be part of New England.

We are also pleased to announce that a delegation from the city administration of Yaroslavl is coming to Boston to learn more about our innovation environment and explore future working ties. Please join us!

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Daniel Satinsky, USRCCNE President
Daniel Satinsky, President of USRCCNE, will speak in Boston on June 20 about developing business in and with Russia.

Upcoming Events

Breakfast Seminar: "Prospects for Collaboration with Russia: View from the City of Yaroslavl"
(May 7, 2013 - Boston, MA) A delegation from the city administration of Yaroslavl is coming to Boston to learn more about our innovation environment and explore future working ties.

2nd Annual "From Russia With Arts and Culture" Festival
(April 19-21, 2013 - Newton, MA) A three day “From Russia With Arts and Culture” Russian festival at the Newton Cultural Center will be held. 

Stories from Siberia
(April 20, 2013 - Clinton, MA) Siberian stories are filled with the adventures of bird and animals, such as the tiger, wolf, and mouse, as well as the adventures of nature spirits. Come take a journey with Kira Van Deusen and Bonnie Marshall into the strange and fascinating, but rarely glimpsed, world of Siberian folklore.

Russian Vodka Gone Global
(April 20, 2013 - Clinton, MA) Patricia Herlihy, Professor Emerita of History, Brown University, will speak on her new book about vodka.

Ready, Set, Russian!
(April 27, 2013 - Clinton, MA) Instructor Larissa Dyan will focus on Russian language basics and conversation at the Museum of Russian Icons.

A Look at Birch Bark - From Forest to Home
(May 9, 2013 - Clinton, MA) Master basket maker Vladimir Yarish will talk about harvesting birch bark and roots in northwestern Russia, give some history of birch bark work in ancient Novgorod, and discuss traditional peasants’ use of and work with bark for their needs at home.

Basketmaking Workshops
(May 11, 2013 - Clinton, MA) Learn how to weave a traditional Russian basket of white birch bark.

Family Day at the Museum of Russian Icons: All Dolled Up!
(May 18, 2013 - Clinton, MA) Enjoy free activities celebrating the matryoshka, including cookie decorating, snacks, art activities, a reading corner, family-friendly gallery tours.

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USRCCNE and Member News

Mobile World Congress 2013 - Key Takeaways
Auriga’s experts who attended the event pointed out that this year, the conference revolved around such themes as advanced cloud technologies, the infiltration of big data into the mobile industry, mobile finance and security, an absolutely new theme of so-called machine-to-machine, or M2M, communication, and many more.

Funding for Study in Russia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan
Most students who don't study abroad cite cost as the major reason. This page, maintained by The School of Russian and Asian Studies, lists many funding oportunities for study abroad to Eurasia. Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter

Language Connections & Moscow State at NE University
Moscow State University, the oldest and largest university in Russia, is participating in an Executive Business Education program in conjunction with Northeastern University’s D’Amore McKim School of Business this month. As the selected language service company, Language Connections is providing Russian interpreters and equipment for lectures and site visits throughout the conference to be held April 22-26th. Subscribe to the LanguageConnections Newsletter

CRDF Global To Conduct TEDP Bootcamp in Russia
A two-day intensive boot camp on technology entrepreneurship in Russia will be held.

Case Study: Open Multi-Computing Kit
The Auriga team was involved in design, development and maintenance of telecom inter-board-communication framework that emulates Ethernet over a system bus.

Travel News

Russia Bans First Foreigner for Not Paying Fines
Foreign citizens beware: If you don't pay any fines imposed by the authorities, you risk being banned from Russia.

Vnukogo Airport Named World's 5th Most Improved Airport
Meanwhile, Frankfurt Airport was named as the World's Most Improved Airport at the 2013 Skytrax World Airport Awards held at the Passenger Terminal EXPO in Geneva.

Russian Theater in English, French and Maybe Uzbek
A new system of subtitles and oral translation of performances aimed at making Russian theater accessible to speakers of other languages was unveiled by a team headed by managing director Andrei Vorobyov at the Fomenko Studio on Friday.

Russia Needs Tougher Border Control to Arrange Visa-free Deal with EU
Russia will not be able to reach agreements with Europe on visa-free traveling if it does not tighten control over its state borders, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Sunday.

Traffic to SVO in Moscow
Due to the traffic delays arising from the Leningradskoe and International Highways repair the best way to get to the Sheremetyevo airport is the Aeroexpress train service.

Moscow Traffic Ranked World's Worst
Moscow has finally taken first place in an international rating, but it's in a category the authorities would like to be excluded from.

Aeroexpress Encourages Taxi Drivers to Be Honest
The Aeroexpress company has launched a massive advertising campaign focused on honest Moscow taxi drivers.

Domodedovo Airport Renews Schedule
News of the season: easyJet flights to London for less than $100, new Imperial Class service on the flights to Japan, from Moscow to Rome – under 120 euros.

Never Too Many Books!
YMCA The American YMCA
and Russian Culture
BelievingInRussia Religious Policy
after Communism

Orthodox Church and Russian Politics The Orthodox Church
and Russian Politics

Articles - Business and Science

Intern Abroad
in Russia!


Moscow Has Favorable Climate for American Investors
Moscow’s growing economic diversity of retail, manufacturing, technology, insurance as well as other service sectors are provides considerable opportunity to seen by US businesses as a favorable investment climate. Subscribe to the LanguageConnections Newsletter

How to Start an Outsourcing Relationship
It is extremely important to launch a relationship with a clear understanding of the goals, required deliverables, and methods for obtaining information, and reaching mutually beneficial agreements.

Russia's Largest Fresh Milk Vendor Shares His Success Story
The owner of the Izbenka chain, Andrey Krivenko, has become Russia's largest vendor of fresh milk in just three years.

Medvedev's Russian Offshore Zone Plan "Won't Work"
Although Russia is stepping in line with the European anti-corruption clampdown on offshore havens, trying to create an offshore on its own soil may lead to another “black hole” in the country’s economy, says Ben Aris, editor in chief for Business New Europe.

Healthier Lifestyle Drives Organic Farming in Russia
Russians are ready to pay for organic food higher prices.

Russia Skips Hybrids in Push for Cars Using Natural Gas
All the ingredients are in place for adoption of natural gas vehicles in Russia, the world’s second-largest gas producer after the United States.

Russian Post Says International Mail Backlog "Almost Solved"
The Russian Post has been working on overtime to prevent a “collapse” of its international mail system under the weight of backlogged e-commerce parcels.

Marchmont’s Focus on Innovation: Novosibirsk's NetGen
A 17-month-old Siberian start-up is seeking to put a decisive end to manual paper drawings in civil engineering. Subscribe to Marchmont News Service

Russian Corner: Insurance Premiums For Foreign Employees in 2013
A summary table compiled by Alexander Kulikov, senior auditor of Alinga Consulting Group, explains specifics of taxes paid to non-budgetary funds for foreign employees in Russia in 2013. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Articles - Politics and Culture

Russia Bars 18 Americans After Sanctions by U.S.
A day after the United States imposed sanctions on Russians accused of rights violations, Moscow said Saturday that it could not “leave this open blackmail without response” and published a list of 18 current and former American officials who will now be barred from entry to Russia.

Who Would Benefit From A BRICS Development Bank?
Moves by the BRICS states - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa - to set up a new financial institution are being closely watched around the world. 

A Sharp Ruble Devaluation is Inevitable
Within two to three years, the intractable shortcomings of this regime will lead to either the widespread bankruptcy of vital industries or a precipitous devaluation of the ruble. Obviously, the government will ultimately choose devaluation.

Putin's Top Bank Nominee Urges Growth Model Rethink
Former Economics Minister Elvira Nabiullina, nominated by President Vladimir Putin to head the country’s Central Bank, said on Wednesday Russia needed to rethink its model for growth amid the current global economic uncertainty and mounting problems in the eurozone.

Plenty of WTO Snags 8 Months On
It has been eight months since Russia gained membership into the World Trade Organization, yet it has not been a smooth transition. The move has drawn strong resentment from some sectors of the Russian economy who feel that the government has betrayed them and failed to protect domestic interests.

As US Seeks Security Pact, Obama Is Set to Meet Putin
President Obama has accepted an invitation to meet with President Vladimir V. Putin ahead of a Group of 20 conference in Russia this fall, officials here said Monday — signaling a new opportunity to ease tensions even as the Kremlin continues to bristle over an American effort to punish Russian citizens accused of violating human rights.

Central Asia and the Caucasus, March 2013
Central Asia is of vital importance to Russian foreign policy – in developing resources and transport routes, maintaining a military buffer zone, controlling drug and contraband trade, containing ethnic, religious, and ideological extremism, and in optimizing its immigration and labor policies. It is also of importance to China and the US for many of the same reasons and thus is a location of great competition between these major powers. This new resource from SRAS will serve to track and analyze these issues as they develop in Central Asia – by following local sources inside Central Asia. Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter 

Lost in Translation
There is no end to the written mistakes that people encounter every day in their native language. And sometimes it is not just the non-native speakers that make them. Although for the most part one can decipher the intended meaning, linguists and native speakers often find humor in the mistakes. Here are some for your enjoyment, including mis-translations and other errors. Subscribe to the LanguageConnections Newsletter

Just for Fun: Oromo
Of all the foods that you've probably never heard of, Oromo is definitely the most delicious. Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter


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