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Past Issue
October, 2012

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia

USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

Thanks to everyone who came to our Breakfast Seminar: "Russia & The WTO: New Opportunities for American Companies." Thanks especially to Ellen House, International Trade Specialist, Office of Russia, Ukraine & Eurasia, U.S. Department of Commerce (Washington, DC), for making the event so informative on what opportunities Russia's long-awaited WTO membership will open for American businesses.

In visa news, while there still seems to be some confusion in how the new US-Russian visa regime should work, it does appear to be fully operational. If anyone has recieved one of the new Russian 3-year tourist or business visas, we'd love to hear your story!

As always, this newsletter is dependent on you. If you have an announcement or a news item to be included in our newsletter, or if you would like to subscribe to this free publication, please contact us.

Don't Miss This Month!

As always, this newsletter is dependent on you. If you have an announcement or a news item to be included in our newsletter, or if you would like to subscribe to this free publication, please contact us.

Upcoming Events

A new US-Russia visa regime is now in place.

Ready, Set, Russian!
(September 27, 2012 - Clinton, MA) Join us for a 90-minute workshop with instructor Larissa Dyan that focuses on Russian language basics and conversation. This drop-in class will introduce students to the Russian alphabet, some conversation starters, icon-related terms and useful phrases.

Foreign Companies in Russia: Issues for 2012-2013
(November 8, 2012 - Moscow, Russia) Alinga Consulting is organizing a seminar to discuss major changes in Russian legislation which will affect your business in 2012 and 2013. We will also address certain issues pertaining to companies with foreign capital.

IHS Forum
(November 13-14, 2012 - Washington, DC) An increasingly interconnected world of business and politics demands a broader understanding of adjacent sectors and the forces at work in the global economy. The IHS Forum is a new event that connects an unmatched concentration of insight and expertise with a community of practitioners from policy and industry communities.

The Art of Icon Painting
(November 13-16, 2012 - Clinton, MA) This 4-day hands-on studio workshop for students interested in learning how to create traditional Russian icons will feature individual attention and step-by-step instruction from renowned Russian artist, teacher, and storyteller Marina Forbes.

Kazakh Cinema--Flowers of the Steppe
(November 14-20, 2012 - Boston and Washington D.C.) The Ballets Russes Cultural Partnership will present a festival of recent Kazakh Cinema--Flowers of the Steppe--in Boston and Washington. Among the films being screened are several titles in Russian, featuring Russian actors. Select screenings are followed by discussions with Kazakh and American film directors and producers.

USRCCNE and Member News

Alinga Represented in Pittsburgh, PA
Chet Bowling, the Managing Partner of Alinga Consulting Group, has completed a very successful visit to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the US. He gave, in partnership with several others, an informative presentation on doing business in Russia and participated in interactive sessions with those in attendance.

The Eurasia Grant for Study Abroad
The School of Russian and Asian Studies has announced a new grant to help students understand Eurasia. Students will travel to Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan on this program.  

Travel News!

Study Abroad
in Russia!

Russian Far East 

Office by the Hour
Moscow’s new wave of businesses dedicated to “coworking”  generated at least a dozen coworking spots - from elite clubs to rooms in train stations – which provide fully outfitted workspaces available for daily, weekly, monthly or annual rent.

Visa-Free Regime for World Cup Ticket Holders
Organizers for the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup have reiterated plans to scrap visa requirements for fans – provided they have tickets.

Foreign Minister Speaks Out on Delays to EU Visa-free Regime
Moscow believes that the reason why the European Union is dragging its feet on the possible transition to a visa-free regime with the Russian Federation is political.

New Rail Line: Moscow-Tver in 30 minutes
The new railway track linking Moscow and St. Petersburg will be built in stages in order to push the long-discussed project forward.

Intercity Bus Travelers to be Required to Produce Passports
From July 1, all passengers in Russia travelling outside their region on intercity busses, trains, planes and ships will have to show their passport when buying tickets.

12 Most Inaccessible Tourist Destinations in Russia
The Chechen city of the dead, a prehistoric sea, shamanist pyramids and other amazing places – just getting to them is an achievement.

Study Shows Tourism a Major Source of GDP
The tourism industry contributes more to Russia’s gross domestic product than car and chemical manufacturing, according to a study released Wednesday by the World Travel & Tourism Council.

Coasting It - A Guide to the Resort Region
The Kurortny Rayon (literally the “Resort Region”) which stretches along the coast of the Gulf of Finland to the northwest of the city has as much to offer those in search of out-of-town activities in the autumn as it does to sun-seekers in the summer.

Alternative Check-in Options for Mobile Travelers At Domodedovo
The 36 partner airlines of Moscow Domodedovo Airport offering self-check-in were joined by 2 more – Ukraine International and Brussels Airlines.

Articles & Resources

eBay comes to Russia
The opening of a local office of international retailing platform eBay has been welcomed by local online retailers, although doubts remain over how the service will cope with local logistics problems.

Banner of Lenin Flies over Would-be Russian Farm Boom
It is emblematic of a Russian agriculture industry that is trying to establish itself as a force on world markets. With the world's fourth largest acreage of arable land and few constraints on fresh water supplies, Russia wants to use its natural wealth to spur the economy.

Russian Social Network Loses Groundbreaking Copyright Case
The website vKontakte, repeatedly criticized by U.S. officials for copyright infringement, together with the data-center network Selekktel are to pay 550,000 rubles to Gala Records for illegally using songs of MakSim, one of Russia’s most successful pop singers in recent years.

Demand for Expats Grows
Russia is among the four most challenging countries for expats, along with Saudi Arabia, India and Qatar – but is also among the top five countries for expat incomes, along with Switzerland, Egypt, Singapore and again Saudi Arabia.

Alexei Kudrin on European Debt and Russia's WTO Entry
Interview with Alexei Kudrin, former Russian minister of finance, at the 9th annual meeting of Yalta European Strategy.

Russia Reveals Shiny State Secret: It's Awash in Diamonds
'Trillions of carats' lie below a 35-million-year-old, 62-mile-diameter asteroid crater in eastern Siberia known as Popigai Astroblem. The Russians have known about the site since the 1970s.

Russian Food-Store Tsar Rings Up Billions as Wal-Mart Wavers
One by one, from the southeastern corner of the continent, Sergey Galitskiy is beating the biggest supermarket chains in Europe.

New Extended Holiday Schedule to Hit GDP
The sudden proposal to introduce another pair of extra long holiday breaks in Russia made by the Labor and Social Welfare Ministry saw experts counting the billions of potential economical losses.

Russians Eagerly Participate in Medical Experiments, Despite Risks 
Russian regulators, Russian doctors and even many patients are increasingly embracing any chance they can get to take part in medical experiments.

Russians are Getting Wealthier but Inequality Grows
The wealth of Russian households has doubled within a year, while the rest of the world suffered a decline of 5%.

Cigarette Makers Wage Final Battle to Tame Russian Bill
President Vladimir Putin wants to curb smoking and alcohol consumption to stem the country’s population decline. Cigarette makers including Philip Morris International Inc. (PM) and British American Tobacco Plc (BATS) are fighting a last-ditch battle against a smoking crackdown in Russia, with three weeks left to change the government’s mind.

Russian Gains New Status in Ukraine
As of the end of September, 15 municipalities had voted Russian in as an official language. Subscribe to the LanguageConnections Newsletter

Vertical Axis Wind Generators, New Chelyabinsk Solution to Electify Rural Russia
An innovative company from Chelyabinsk, SRC-Vertical, has developed a family of vertical axis wind-driven power generators that are eco-friendlier than conventional windmills, and can generate electricity irrespective of a wind direction. Subscribe to Marchmont News Service

Russian Corner: Increase of LLC Charter Means Tax Obligation For Foreign Founder
The Letter of the Ministry of Finance #03-03-06/1/343 from July 17, 2012 deals with questions of taxation for an Italian company which is a shareholder in a Russian LLC, which is increasing its charter capital without changing the participation share. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Just for Fun: Pryanik - The Spice of Russian Cuisine
Ïðÿíèê (pryanik), commonly described as "Russian gingerbread" or "Russian spice cookies," is a sweet bread or cookie flavored with spices and sometimes filled with jam, sweetened condensed milk, or caramelized milk. Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter

 Never Too Many Books!
The Russia Reader The Russia Reader:
History, Culture, Politics
Road To The Temple Roads to the Temple:
Truth, Memory, Ideas
and Ideals in the
Making of the Russian
Revolution, 1987-1991

Marooned In Moscow Marooned in Moscow



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