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Past Issue
August, 2012

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia

USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

Russia is, as of August 22, the WTO's 156th official member. Russia will face changes in 116 economic sectors but is also expected to gain an estimated three (or more) GDP percentage points thanks to its new membership. Meanwhile, the US Congress has elected to not act on legislation to grant Russia permanent normal trade relations, which means that American companies may not benefit from Russia's ascension.

The new visa regime between Russia and the US is set to come into force on September 9. All tourist and business visas will now be issued with 3-year validity and can be used for trips lasting up to six months. For Americans, no invitation will be needed.

For more on both of these stories, and much more news on travel to Russia, Russian business, and Russian cultural events in the US – see our newsletter for this month!

As always, this newsletter is dependent on you. If you have an announcement or a news item to be included in our newsletter, or if you would like to subscribe to this free publication, please contact us.

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As always, this newsletter is dependent on you. If you have an announcement or a news item to be included in our newsletter, or if you would like to subscribe to this free publication, please contact us.

Upcoming Events

WTO Logo
Congratulations to Russia which, as of August 22, 2012, is the 156th official member of the WTO.

Palekh Icons: The Enchantment of Russian Painting
(June 14 through September 1, 2012 - Clinton, MA) Works from the private collection of a Berlin art dealer and restorer, Thomas Mönius, are augmented with paintings from the Museum of Russian Icons collection, and showcased in new exhibition.

Acoustic Guitar Performance
(August 23, 2012 - Clinton, MA) Instrumentalist Joe Renzoni will present “Soundtrack for an Exhibition,” spontaneous compositions for acoustic guitar. In addition to writing lyrical music and composing what he describes as “new old world music,” Joe has been playing a variety of stringed instruments for more than 20 years. His soundscapes of modern acoustic music will serve as an engaging backdrop to the evening as visitors explore the Museum’s galleries, listen to the SnapShot Tour, and enjoy the Russian Tea Room.

Traditional Russian Tea
(September 6, 2012 - Clinton, MA) Learn about the traditions and customs surrounding tea and its service in Russia with presenter Larissa Dyan. Then, relax in the Museum’s Russian Tea Room as you enjoy tea brewed in a samovar and served in traditional teaware. Sample authentic Russian pastries and snacks including pryanik (gingerbread) and pirozhki.

From Russia With Art Autumn Exibit
(September 6 - October 7, 2012 - Brighton, MA) New oil and mixed-media paintings and colored etchings by foremost Russian-American painters will be featured at the Gallery’s Autumn exhibit, with an Artist Opening reception on Wednesday, September 12.

USRCCNE and Member News

SRAS Students' Art Shown at the Hermitage Youth Center
This summer, students participating on the Art and Museums in Russia program were immersed in art studies at the Hermitage and the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Those students on the studio art track of this program had the art they created shown in the exhibition space of the Hermitage Youth Center from July 3-5.

SRAS Has Updated Posters!
SRAS is pleased to announce the publication of two newly-updated posters.

Chet Bowling Participates on PrimeGlobal International Taxation Panel
At the July, 2012 PrimeGlobal World Conference in Copenhagen, Chet Bowling, managing partner of Alinga Consulting Group participated on the International Taxation panel that discussed the taxation of investments into Russia, China, Brazil, and Australia.

Auriga Confirms Leadership in Healthcare Software Development
For the fifth year in a row, Auriga is included in the Best 10 Rising Stars by Industry Focus - Healthcare sub-list of the Global Outsourcing 100 list by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).

Travel News!

Study Abroad
in Russia!


Eased US-Russia Visa Regime in Effect Sept. 9
The Russian Foreign Ministry has exchanged diplomatic notes with the U.S. Embassy — the final step in the landmark deal — and the new rules will come into force on Sept. 9, the ministry said Monday in a statement.

Visa-free Access: Russian Museums Could Become Even Closer
Tourists attending major cultural events in Russia could be allowed to enter the country without a visa. The proposal was made by Russia's Deputy Prime Minister as part of a wider program to increase tourism.

Hilton Hotels Plan Tourism Boom for Russia
Hilton Hotels, due to open 28 hotels across Russia in the next few years, has published a report on Russian tourism. They blame fear of crime, apparently, as a major reason that tourists elect for other locations. They also advocate developing niche-market tourism as well as "industrial tourism" - tourism based on touring factories.

Has Moscow Gotten Better for Foreign Tourists?
Moscow city wants more tourists and has started implementing a plan to make life simpler and easier for the foreign visitor.

A New Exclusive Service for Passengers at Sheremetyevo Airport
Sheremetyevo International Airport launches an innovative service to protect air travelers’ personal belongings. This exclusive service for air passengers has been developed in cooperation with mySafety — one of the world’s leading companies in the field of protecting customers’ personal belongings.

Aeroexpress Tickets Available Aboard Sapsan Trains
Aeroexpress tickets can now be bought on all Sapsan trains operating between Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.

DME Recognizes Airline Punctuality
Domodedovo has announced the June finalists of a contest held to determine the most punctual Russian and foreign airlines operating passenger flights from that airport.

Articles & Resources

Russia’s Cash for Clunkers Tax Could Give Domestic Carmakers Unfair Boost
Russia has decided to introduce a vehicle recycling tax that could set the stage for the development of a modern car scrapping industry to clear dangerous, fume spewing clunkers from the nation’s roads.

The Siberian Yuits: a Russian People
The Yuit peoples (singular: "Yuk"), who are also sometimes referred to as the Siberian or Central Siberian Yupik, originate from the far eastern border of the Russian Federation on the Chukchi Peninsula. The Yuit encompass the Naukan, Chaplino and Sirenik Siberian-Eskimo groups, as well as others who were amalgamated within this predominant demographic.

Reviving Rural Russia
Russia must stop looking for grandiose causes and dramatic projects, and enable all of its citizens – including its rural inhabitants – to invest in themselves.

Congress Punts on Foreign Policy
A line up of national security issues that Congress adjourned without attending to. Note that issues dealing with Russia are listed first in this.

Rosneft Aims for Global Reach
Rosneft’s bid to buy BP’s 50 percent stake in TNK-BP has the Russian oil giant’s head, Igor Sechin, poised not just for a comeback, but for a long-running plan to turn the state corporation into a global conglomerate.

Going with the Grain
Farmers in the Krasnodar Territory are benefiting from global grain prices in a way their Soviet predecessors could never have imagined.

Steeling Themselves for the Future
Russia’s steel lobby suggests negotiations to head off any potential difficulties that might arise once Russia joins the WTO.

Japan, Russia to Cooperate on LNG Project in Vladivostok
As Japan looks to gear down its nuclear programs, markets for Russian gas are growing.

HBO Comes to Russia
American TV channel HBO is setting up a Russian version, cable and satellite system managements told Vedomosti.

Lurching into the Fast Lane
Russia is about to join the World Trade Organisation. Can its industry cope?

Marineco’s Sea-born Electricity Project Unveiled
Innovative company Marineco, a new resident of the Skolkovo government-sponsored innovation hub outside Moscow, is developing a new technology of converting sea wave energy into electricity using FWPS—float wave power stations.

Marchmont’s focus on innovation: Moscow germs, factory nicotine guzzlers
A collaborative team of Moscow-based academic and corporate researchers has developed biofilters capable of trapping nicotine and other harmful substances vomited daily from tobacco factory vents. In a society that has tripled cigarette production and consumption over the past 15 years the effort might seem Sisyphean labor; however, for many non-smoking Russians, especially those living next to tobacco factories, such biofilters would be a lifeline to a longer and happier life with a lower chance of developing lung cancer and other smoking-induced diseases killing half a million people a year in this country. Subscribe to Marchmont News Service

Russian Corner: Legislative Review - June-July 2012
In this issue of our Legislative Review, we present our monitoring of Russian legislative changes and clarifications from Russia's regulatory authorities from June - July 2012. Of special note this month are: changes in the list of food commodities subject to 10% VAT, new clarifications for filing invoices, taxation of incentives and sales bonuses, and taxation of income received by highly qualified foreign specialists. This technical information is presented in Russian only. If you do not read Russian, we encourage you to forward this to your Russian-speaking lawyers and/or accountants.
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Just for Fun: Russia's Top Five Movies, July, 2012
Like most places in the world, Russia's silver screens are dominated by Hollywood's global blockbusters. Russia's film industry has struggled with the financial crisis, but is also still capable of occasionally putting out a film that can compete locally with the American machine. Once a month, SRAS provides a lineup of the top five movies in Russia by box office take - with the official Russian-language trailers from YouTube. Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter

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