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Past Issue
May, 2012

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia

USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

Save the date! The Chamber is planning a breakfast event with leading members of the Russian delegation to the BIO International Convention on Wednesday, June 20 from 8:30 – 10:00 AM in the Boston area. As soon as speakers are confirmed, notification will appear here and a separate notice will be sent to all subscribers.

Thanks to everyone who came to our meeting with Alexei Sitnikov, Vice President and Executive Director for Academic Development of SkTech, who spoke about the current and future influence of SkTech on transformative economic processes in Russia on May 2nd. It was great to see so many familiar faces again and meet so many new people in addition to finding out about Russia’s innovative possibilities from a well-spoken expert!

This month we have lots more information on upcoming events and some highly interesting articles on business in Russia. Check out this month's newsletter to see it all!

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Upcoming Events

The School of Russian and Asian Studies has launched the "Stop Russian" public service campaign to
warn students how addictive Russian can be!
To find out more about the ad series
and print your own poster, click here.

Breakfast with Members of Russian BIO Delegation
(June 20 - Boston Area, MA) Save the date! The Chamber is planning a breakfast event with leading members of the Russian delegation to the BIO International Convention on Wednesday, June 20 from 8:30 – 10:00 AM in the Boston area. As soon as speakers are confirmed, notification will appear here and a separate notice will be sent to all subscribers.

Palekh Icons: The Enchantment of Russian Painting
(June 14 through September 1, 2012 - Clinton, MA) Works from the private collection of a Berlin art dealer and restorer, Thomas Mönius, are augmented with paintings from the Museum of Russian Icons collection, and showcased in new exhibition.

Energy Efficiency Solutions Trade Mission to Russia
(June 4-7, 2012 - Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia) The US Commercial Service is organizing a trade mission to Moscow and St. Petersburg for firms offering energy efficiency solutions. Firms will meet with potential buyers and partners one-on-one, and with Russian government officials, be hosted at networking events, and learn the local business culture.

Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT-BIO)
(June 14-21, 2012 - Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA) Held in Philadelphia and Boston, the 16th RANIT-BIO will highlight biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, nanotechnology, chemical industry and the life sciences.

Hermitage Museum Foundation White Nights Tour
(June 24-30, 2012 - Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Join  the Hermitage Museum Foundation for an exclusive aesthetic experience as they guide you to the city’s famous sites and hidden gems. The White Nights Tour will introduce you to Russia’s Imperial capital — with its rich heritage of palaces, museums, theaters, cathedrals and other cultural landmarks. Over six days you will have exclusive access and experiences, including a day in the Hermitage when the museum is closed to the public, curator-led tours of other museums and palaces, private excursions by boat and horse-drawn carriage, behind-the-scenes visits, great restaurants and more.


USRCCNE and Member News

Delegation Initiates Virtual Science Library Programs in Central Asia
The Virtual Science Library Program concluded a two-week trip on April 28 to initiate a new three-year program to establish Virtual Science Libraries for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

CRDF Global -- Helping International Science Happen!
The blog Lake Baikal Dimensions of Biodiversity posted an entry about CRDF Global. The blog is published by an interdisciplinary team of researchers who are using 60 years of unique ecological data, extensive field sampling, genetic analyses, laboratory experiments and novel mathematical models to examine for the first time multiple aspects of biodiversity in the largest, oldest and most biodiverse lake in the world -- Lake Baikal in Siberia -- and to predict how this ecosystem will respond to accelerating environmental change.  

Alinga Quoted in The Moscow Times on Tax Treaty
Alinga’s Audit Manager – IFRS, Alexey Spirikhin, was recently quoted in The Moscow Times article on the new Cyprus-Russia Tax Treaty. The Moscow Times is the best-respected English-language daily newspaper in Russia and a leader in business news. 

Russia Innovation Collaborative at the From Science to Business Forum in St. Petersburg
On May 16, Daniel Satinsky, Partner, Russia Innovation Collaborative, spoke in St. Petersburg at the From Science to Business Forum. He gave one of the plenary session presentations on the theme "Case Study: Boston Innovation Ecosystem and Lessons for Russian Universities." This conference was attended by over 300 participants from all across Russia, mainly from the Russian national research universities.  

Startup Bazaar Held at Academpark Tech Park in Academpark, Novosibirsk
On April 13, Academpark held its first annual investment forum to showcase local startup companies for potential investors. Academpark is the leading tech park in Russia and is located in the Academgorodok suburb of Novosibirsk. Through the Startup Bazaar, some 20 companies made presentations to an audience of more than 30 investors and experts. Chamber member company Russia Innovation Collaborative, LLC was an information sponsor of the event and is a partner with Academpark in promoting their resident companies in the U.S. 

Auriga Employs the First Russian IIBA-Certified Business Analyst
One of Auriga’s lead business analysts obtained the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certificate from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) in March of 2012, making him the first and only business analyst in Russia with this type of certification. 

Travel News!

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SVO Ranked in Top 100 Airports
Sheremetyevo airport was named one of one of the best airports in terms of service quality by the independent research company Skytrax (UK).

Highway Repair on the Way to Domodedovo International Airport
Moscow Domodedovo Airport recommends that passengers and visitors bear in mind the possible increase in travel time when planning journeys and using railway transport.

Russian Railways Announces Frequent Rider Program
Russian Railways daughter company Federalnaya Passazhirskaya Kompania has announced the details of its new loyalty card program. Passengers will now be able to earn frequent rider points for every long-distance journey that they take on platskart, first- and second-class wagons.

Connected Sky: Surfing the Web Above the Clouds
Onboard internet has been a reality for a while, but not many passengers use it.

Putin Orders Government to Seek Visa Abolition Deal with EU
Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his government to seek an agreement with the European Union on entry visa exemption for short visits of Russians to EU countries and vice versa.

Aeroflot Offers 20% Discount Through SkyTeam Alliance
Aeroflot is offering discounts of up to 20 percent on domestic flights to 30 cities for members of the SkyTeam global airline alliance starting next week.

Security Rules at Airports Relaxed
Starting from the second week of May, not all passengers will have to take their shoes off at security checks in Russian airports. Those whose shoes have the sole thinner than 1 centimeter and the heel lower than 2.5 centimeters, will be able to keep their footwear on.

Metro Overhaul to Add 70 Stations by 2020
The Moscow metro system that carries more than 9 million passengers per day will undergo a massive expansion by 2020, growing in size by 1 1/2 times and creating a second ring line around the city, officials said Wednesday.


Articles & Resources

Capital Markets Guide 2012/2013 - Russian Federation
The Capital Markets Multi-jurisdictional Guide brings together information on topical cross-border capital markets issues, country-specific Q&As on capital markets law and practice.

Irkutsk: Turning Aluminum Waste into Stronger Materials
Irkutsk scientists offer aluminum companies across the globe a new production waste reclamation technique that they claim will enable a user to slash waste storage and processing costs by a factor of ten.

Plastic Logic Pushes Next-gen Color Reader Display
"E-paper," a flexible color display for e-book readers, has exited R&D units and will be ready for market within a year, Britain’s Plastic Logic has announced. Subscribe to Marchmont News Service

Russia to Fight Smoking with Price Increase
Smoking is about to become a very costly habit in Russia.

Restriction Of Rights Of Foreign Citizens And Legal Entities
Foreign citizens, stateless persons and foreign legal entities have a right to purchase land in Russia, however, this right comes with several exceptions.

Russian Beer Tax Hikes Slash Industry Profitability
Beer manufacturer Carlsberg has reported that its pre-tax profits for its Russian business has all but evaporated during the first few months of this year, on the back of steep alcohol tax hikes introduced at the start of 2012.

Putin Backs Ratification Of WTO Commitments This Year
Russia's new President, Vladimir Putin has dismissed calls to delay the nation's accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO). 

Migration Migraine
The Kremlin moves to curb the flow of unskilled workers that some say has been undermining the Russian economy.

From Iowa To Russia, Tractors Build Economic Bridge
American officials see U.S.-Russia trade as the latest stage of President Obama's "reset" with Russia, and Russia's imminent entry into the World Trade Organization will increase opportunities.

Russia’s Competitive Advantages
Russia’s investment climate shines among other high growth economies.

A Far East ‘Oprichnina’
A new state-run development company may get unprecedented powers to invest in natural resources on nearly two-thirds of Russia’s territory – spawning warnings that Vladimir Putin’s government is creating a new “oprichnina.”

Russia Business Watch
Russia Business Watch (a free publication from the USRBC) is out with a new issue with articles on the UK Bribery Act and lots on Russian agriculture.

What Russia Could Learn from the American Judiciary
The low prestige of the judicial profession in Russia is one of its key problems.

Russian Corner: SMEs Investing in Russia: Things You Should Know
What is important to realize is the need for patience and resilience in creating a successful business in Russia and that the ‘quick fix” may not be the best option in the long term. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Just for Fun: Stop Russian!
We encourage readers to print and disseminate this valuable information – before one more college student falls victim to a passion for Russian! Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter

 Never Too Many Books!
Faith and Humor Protested by some
faithful - studied by
some clergy.
Doubt Doubt, Atheism, and the Nineteenth-Century
Russian Intelligentsia
Post-Imperium Post-Imperium: A Eurasian Story


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