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Past Issue
April, 2012

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia

USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

We have an exciting issue for you this month!

 Join us for our next USRCCNE event, a Seminar featuring Alexei Sitnikov, Vice President and Executive Director for Academic Development of SkTech, who will speak about the current and future influence of SkTech on transformative economic processes in Russia.

We are also entering the summer high season for Russia-related events – from local arts events in the New England area to educational travel to Russia and Eurasia. We have also found an unusually high number of articles for you this month on technology, innovation, and finance in Russia. Check out this month's newsletter to see it all!

Don't Miss This Month!

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Upcoming Events


USRCCNE Seminar with Alexei Sitnikov
(May 2, 2012 - Boston, MA) Alexei Sitnikov, Vice President and Executive Director for Academic Development of SkTech, will speak about the programs already underway, along with the near and far-term influence of SkTech on transformative economic processes in Russia. Join us for an opportunity to learn first-hand about SkTech, its mission and its prospects.

The Secrets of Moscow Kremlin: Storytelling and Hands-on Family Workshops
(April 19, 2012 - Clinton, MA) In conjunction with the special exhibition Maps: Pathways to Russia, Traditional Russian artist and lecturer Marina Forbes brings to life the images and stories of Moscow Kremlin, transporting listeners back to Old Russia in the age of Ivan the Great, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great.

Mapping the Holy Russia: Cartography and Icons in Early Modern Russia
(April 21, 2012 - Clinton, MA) How did early modern Russians imagine their place in the world and in the cosmos? Two renowned scholars share their expertise on the subject of Russian cartography in this program organized in conjunction with the special exhibition MAPS: Pathways to Russia.

Alexei Sitnikov
Alexei Sitnikov, Vice President and Executive Director for Academic Development of SkTech, will speak about the current and future influence of SkTech on transformative economic processes in Russia. Join us!

Best Buddies Dance Marathon
(April 22, 2012 - Moscow, Russia) Dance to support the inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities in Russia into the community. Well-known dance teachers will lead workshops. There will be free games for kids and tasty treats. Bring some cash and try your luck in the raffle or take part in a charity auction.

Benefit Concert for Blind Students in Russia
(April 29, 2012 - Cambridge, MA) The MN Adamov Memorial Fund for the Blind, a nonprofit organization registered in Massachusetts since 2005, is the only organization in the US dedicated to helping talented blind people in Russia. They invite you to support the activities of the Fund and enjoy the music of three world-class violinists and light refreshments.

Holy Trinity Seminary Choir Concert
(May 5, 2012 - Clinton, MA) The Holy Trinity Seminary Choir (Jordanville, NY) will perform a special concert at the Museum of Russian Icons on Saturday, May 5. The seminarians strive to immerse themselves in the rich musical tradition of the monastery and explore other musical traditions.

EuraMedia Summit
(May 25-26, 2012 - Boston, MA) The first annual summit dedicated to development of Eurasian social media and application markets will bring together industry leaders and politicians to create and make deals, with the goal of expanding successful US social media and on-line retail operations into Russia and other Eurasian markets.

Energy Efficiency Solutions Trade Mission to Russia
(June 4-7, 2012 - Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia) The US Commercial Service is organizing a trade mission to Moscow and St. Petersburg for firms offering energy efficiency solutions. Firms will meet with potential buyers and partners one-on-one, and with Russian government officials, be hosted at networking events, and learn the local business culture.

Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT-BIO)
(June 14-21, 2012 - Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA) Held in Philadelphia and Boston, the 16th RANIT-BIO will highlight biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, nanotechnology, chemical industry and the life sciences.

USRCCNE and Member News

Russian Competition Winners Receive Technology Transfer Training in US
The Basic Research and Higher Education (BRHE) Innovation Program hosted an Innovation Travel Grant Program from March 10-24, 2012. The event was completed by six technology transfer professionals who won the BRHE Innovation Essay Competition in Russia.

SRAS Launches New Student Travel Site
SRAS's students now have thier very own site to share thier discoveries in Eurasia! From cheap restaurants to great museums, come see Russia through a fresh, young pair of eyes! The site is currently in Beta-form.  

Alinga Carries On Charity Tradition
Over the winter holidays, Alinga Consulting Group held a charity campaign to support non-profit organizations. Over the past few years, Alinga has, in place of giving gifts to its clients, donated funds in their name to several organizations, including the charity Downside Up, a wonderful Russian organization which works with children with Down Syndrome. 

Travel News!

Educational Travel
to Eurasia!
If you have an ad to submit to this space, contact us! Free for members!

Book Well Ahead to Save Money on Airfare
When is the best time to book that flight? It’s one of the most fraught decisions travelers face, as ticket prices often fluctuate right up to departure time.

The Kremlin Moves to Ban Drinking While Traveling
Russia's love for booze took another hit this week, as the government moved to ban the sale of strong alcoholic beverages on passenger trains.

A Historic Visa Agreement Gets Postponed Indefinitely
A groundbreaking visa agreement between the United States and Russia will likely be stuck for months in the Russian State Duma, where it awaits parliamentary ratification as required by Russian law.

Russia May Ease Visa Regime for Tourists
Outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered the government to submit proposals by June 1, 2012 on easing the visa regime for tourists, including those who visit the country on cruise liners and yachts.

Articles & Resources

The Russian Diaspora in the USA
Russian immigrants have come to the US in waves. Here, find statistical data on the Russian Diaspora in the USA and how that Diaspora is affecting and being affected by US corporate culture in high-tech firms.

Russia: Biggest Demand for Qualified Managers
While workers in Europe and the US are losing their jobs, the demand for qualified personnel in developing countries seems to be endless. Demand is highest in China and Russia ninth, according to a report for the Antal executive search firm.

Russian Startups Strive for More Foreign Venture Capital
The Skolkovo Foundation, which is creating an innovation center near Moscow, has signed partnerships with major Russian investors and several international funds. Investment officers emphasized that there is still plenty of room for other venture capitalists. 

Why the Comparison Between Chinese and Russian Investment Levels Is Useless
Russia should still seek to increase investment but it is beyond useless to compare it with China.

Russia's Beckoning Businesses
The Kremlin plans to ram another business reform bill through parliament ahead of an imminent power change

Rosinter Signed as First McDonald's Franchise
Shares in restaurant group Rosinter surged on the back of unconfirmed reports that it has won the first-ever franchise to run McDonald's restaurants in Russia.

Russian Economic Report: Moderating Risks, Bolstering Growth
Russia’s latest economic performance has been robust, in spite of the fact that output growth is slowing this year in line with weaker growth in Europe and in a number of emerging economies, says the World Bank’s Russian Economic Report ¹27 (PDF 1.5 Mb) launched today in Moscow.

Made-to-order Employees
More and more firms – both Russian and foreign – are placing instructors in Russian universities to make sure that graduates are prepared for the workforce.

The Lure of Russia
What do companies, and particularly their in-house counsel, need to know about doing business in Russia before taking the plunge?

Four Russias: Rethinking the Post-Soviet Map
Russia has traditionally been conceptualised as a single entity, albeit divided into many regions, but is this approach appropriate given the country's stratified population?

Hi-tech Siberian Response to Global Terrorism
Scientists from three major Siberian research labs have unveiled their own answer to an ever-growing threat of terrorism. They have developed and built what they claim is “the world’s most sensitive” device that enables the detection of “one molecule of explosive vapor in a million different molecules at a distance of up to 50 meters.”

Marchmont on Innovation: Siberian ‘electric chair’ for cancer
Scientists from Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUSUR) have harnessed direct current (DC) powers to treat cancers. The new Siberian device is believed to enhance radiation and chemotherapies while holding back their known side effects. Subscribe to Marchmont News Service

Russian Corner: Changes To Tax-Related Legislation In Russia
This monthly Russian-language service from Alinga and regular feature of the Alinga Market Update is designed to bring your financial personnel a broad view of recent changes to the Russian Tax Code. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Just for Fun: Kulich - Mystical Russian Easter Bread
The Kulich is an ancient Russian tradition that still plays a strong role in Russian culture today. Subscribe to the SRAS Newsletter

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