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Past Issue
March, 2012

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia

USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

Thanks to everyone who made our latest event, "Russian Investment & Massachusetts Technology – Winning Combination," a fantastic success! We were ecstatic to see how many of you came and hope that we not only delivered valuable information to you all on some of the fantastic opportunities available for those working in high technology, but also assisted you in forming new relationships to help take advantage of those opportunities!

Be sure to take a look at this month's newsletter as there are many more events coming up related to business in Russia as well as Russian cultural events you can take advantage of at home in America. We also have considerable information on Russian travel to help you plan your summer trips and, of course, lots of interesting articles and news from our members.

Here's to a great and profitable summer! 

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Upcoming Events


The 2012 Global Technology Symposium
(March 28-30, 2012 - Silicone Valley, CA) Business leaders and entrepreneurs – there's still time to register for the 2012 Global Technology Symposium. We wanted to give you a final sneak peek at what's taking place. We have several events that will be of particular interest to people looking to change the tech industry.

Maps: Pathways to Russia
(February 28 - May 26, 2012 - Clinton, MA) As an icon offers the devout worshipper tangible evidence of the intangible heavenly world, an early map confirms the reality of a far-away land that lies outside the observer's sensory experience. In this unique exhibition "Maps: Pathways to Russia," we trace the West’s discovery of Russia through a carefully selected sequence of original maps and views, printed in Europe during the 15th through 18th centuries.

A mix of modern, diasporan and traditional Ukrainian pysanky. Easter is almost here!
Red Star Red Army Chorus & Dance Ensemble
(April 2, 2012 - Boston, MA) Red Star Red Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble was created in 1978 in Moscow, in the structure of Strategic Rocket Forces of the former Soviet Union. In caring about support of high battle readiness of army, the great country used talent and art of best actors for organization of leisure and rising of a cultural level of soldiers.

Pysanka: The Ukrainian Easter Egg
(March 1 - May 27, 2012 - New York, NY) The spell of spring with its promise of renewal and rebirth ushers in the season for Easter traditions and the making of pysanky (Ukrainian decorated eggs). The month of March begins at The Ukrainian Museum with an exhibition of nearly 300 pysanky, and continues with a line up of workshops on pysanka decorating, a demonstration of this art form, and a baking class in Easter breads.

Ready, Set, Russian! - Introduction to the Russian language
(March 24, 2012 - Clinton, MA) Join us for a 90-minute workshop that will introduce some basics of Russian language and conversation with instructor Larissa Dyan at the Museum of Russian Icons. This drop-in class will introduce students to the Russian alphabet, some conversation starters, icon-related terms, and useful phrases. Space is limited on a first-come, first-served basis. No advance reservation is required. Free with admission.

EuraMedia Summit
(May 25-26, 2012 - Boston, MA) The first annual summit dedicated to development of Eurasian social media and application markets will bring together industry leaders and politicians to create and make deals, with the goal of expanding successful US social media and on-line retail operations into Russia and other Eurasian markets.

Energy Efficiency Solutions Trade Mission to Russia
(June 4-7, 2012 - Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia) New Russian laws requiring a 40% reduction in energy intensity by 2020 and a new Climate Change Policy are stimulating the market in Russia for energy efficiency technologies and solutions that improve and sustain the environment. To help U.S. firms with goods and services in these sectors access the Russian market, the U.S. Commercial Service is organizing a trade mission to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Firms will meet with potential buyers and partners one-on-one, and with Russian government officials, be hosted at networking events, and learn the local business culture.

Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT-BIO)
(June 14-21, 2012 - Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA) Held in Philadelphia and Boston, the 16th RANIT-BIO will highlight biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, nanotechnology, chemical industry and the life sciences.

USRCCNE and Member News

Russian Investment & Massachusetts Technology – Winning Combination
On March 13, the Chamber held one its best-attended and informative programs of the past several years. The presentations and panel discussion highlighted investment by Russian development funds in Massachusetts technology companies. It was attended by more than 90 people at the offices of K&L Gates law firm and was co-sponsored by Rusnano, USA.

USRCCNE President Presents at Harvard's Davis Center
On March 14, Daniel Satinsky, president of the US-Russia Chamber of Commerce of New England (USRCCNE) was part of a team presentation at the Davis Center of Russian Studies of Harvard University with the topic “Can Russia Break Through Its Historical Barriers to Commercializing Innovation?” Professors Loren Graham, MIT, Sheila Puffer and Daniel McCarthy of Northeastern University were the other members of the team presentation. 

Personal Income Tax Filing for Foreigners Living in Russia
Filing your personal income taxes in today’s global world can be complicated and time-consuming. Income and assets in multiple countries mean juggling multiple sets of tax legislation and dealing with multiple tax agencies. Alinga Consulting Group, experts in Russian taxation and accounting since 1999, helps expats living in Russia file their personal income taxes. 

Alinga on Facebook
Join Alinga Consulting Group on Facebook for the latest in Russian business news with a focus on taxation, corporate law, and migration issues. 

Mobile Banking on the Rise and Auriga Rides the Wave
To stay ahead of the changing market, Auriga engineers developed a comprehensive mobile banking application for customers to manage their bank accounts, transactions, and payments. The app is targeted at iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, RIM (Blackberry), and Bada platforms, and it follows the stringent security standards needed for transmitting private personal and banking information.

Business Coalition Urges Legislation to Keep U.S. Firms Competitive in Russia’s Growing Market
The US business community, organized under the umbrella of the Coalition for US-Russia Trade – a broad-based grouping of more than 150 US corporations, trade associations and small businesses active in trade with Russia – today released a letter urging the US Congress to take action on legislation to ensure that US manufacturers, farmers and service providers can continue to increase their exports and maintain their international competitiveness by accessing commercial opportunities in the Russian market.

SRAS Launches New Conflict Studies Program
Policy and Conflict in the Post-Soviet Space seeks to critically analyze the post-Soviet era. Students will visit Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Russia and will discuss the conflicts in these states, both past and present, with local students, teachers, and experts. 

Travel News!

Study Abroad in Russia!
If you have an ad to submit to this space, contact us! Free for members!

Live Flight Tracker
This is a live flight tracker showing flights in real time on a map.

Railway to Invest $34M in Renovations
Russian Railways will invest more than 7 billion rubles ($34 million) in reconstructing railway stations this year, including 4.3 billion rubles for the reconstruction of stations in Moscow, the state-owned company said Sunday.

Russia Intends to Open the Door Wider to International Tourists
Outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday unveiled a new strategy to attract affluent foreign visitors to Russia, in the latest effort to boost tourism and create jobs.

Russian High-Speed Railroad to Cost $38 Billion
Russia’s first high-speed railroad between Moscow and St. Petersburg may cost as much as 1.12 trillion rubles ($38 billion), Kommersant reported, citing estimates by the country’s Transportation Ministry.

Marriott Plans to Open 20 Russian Hotels by 2015
Marriott plans to open hotels under its brand in Nizhny Novgorod and in the Republic of Tatarstan Volga region, in Omsk in West Siberia, in Kemerovo in East Siberia and in Rostov in Russia's south.

Dedicated Business Class Check-in at SVO
Sheremetyevo airport now offers business class travellers new, dedicated check-in counters.

Check-in by Skype for KLM and Air France at SVO
Check-in for KLM and Air France flights now offered via Skype.

SVO Launchs Automated Flight Status Hotline
The new system is available by calling +7 (495) 956 4666. You may name the destination point, flight number, or approximate arrival/departure time.

New Flights to Kyrgyzstan from DME
Avia Traffic Company (Kyrgyzstan) now offers a weekly flight from Bishkek and a new flight from Osh. The flights will be operated from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport using Boeing 737s.


Articles & Resources

Russian Online Outbound Travel Market May Grow Ten-fold by 2015
Article on Russian outbound tourism and on being a foreigner running a start-up in Russia.

Getting the Most Out of Your Translation
Language is one of the most important “currencies” in the global market, allowing greater access to products and services worldwide. Subscribe to Language Connection's Newsletter

Best of the BRIC Bunch
Since Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs introduced the idea of the BRICs in 2001, there has been an ongoing debate over which of Brazil, Russia, India and China is the best one to invest in.

Russia after the Presidential Election: What It Means for the United States
The American ambassador to Russia on what the Russian election means to the US - some emphasis on economics.

Moscow 3rd Most Attractive for Retailers in Europe
The Russian capital ranked third in top 10 most attractive cross-border retail destinations in Europe, the Jones Lang LaSalle consulting company said on Wednesday.

Russian Demographics Improving As Foreigners Move In
For years, Russia’s population was in decline. Finally, some good news on the demographics front.

Avionco: Being an Older Man is Never Beyond Hope
In a further onslaught on cancer, Russia’s Avionco from outside Moscow is pushing its brand new drug candidate that the developer hopes will successfully fight androgen-independent prostate tumors. Backed by the RF government, Avionco wants to move to clinical trials later this year. It is yet another in a long series of Russian science’s breakthroughs on the cancer front.

Putin's Article on Foreign Policy
In the run-up to Russia’s presidential elections, Vladimir Putin published his seventh article in which he defined Russia’s niche in a “changing world.”

The Great Famine
An hour-long PBS documentary on the story of the American effort to relieve starvation in 1921 Soviet Russia.

How Powerful is Russia?
What does this election mean for Russia’s relations with the United States? Indeed, how powerful is Russia, beyond its vote on the United Nations Security Council?

Marchmont on Innovation: Novas Sk Ready to Overhaul Oil Production
A closer look at innovative energy company Novas Sk and its ground-breaking plasma-pulse action method, a technology that the developer claims has already improved the yield of 87% of oil and gas production operations. In a bid to cash in on reported interest from American oil firms Novas Sk has plans to take its innovation to the US market later this year. Subscribe to Marchmont News Service

Russian Corner: Currency Control
Control over transactions between residents and non-residents, over inflow of foreign currency into Russia and its outflow are all part of the state's financial policy. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

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TheStrongmanThe Strongman: 
Vladimir Putin and the Struggle for Russia
RussianForeignPolicy Russian Foreign Policy: 
The Return of Great Power Politics
UnderstandingRussianPolitics   Understanding Russian Politics


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