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Past Issue
December, 2011

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia

USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

Please join us this January 9th for a discussion with Alexander Galitsky, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Almaz Capital Partners, on Russia's Innovation Society: Prospects for High Tech Growth. Almaz Capital was one of the first venture capital funds in Russia. Alexander himself has founded and led five successful tech companies and partnered with Sun Microsystems to commercialize WiFi and FW/VPN technologies in Russia. Click here for more information!

We will also be holding our annual holiday dinner on January 12th . As per tradition, there will be great Russian food and drink as well as great Russian and non-Russian company! Click here for more information.

This is truly a fascinating time to be involved with Russia. Russia is now ascending to the WTO, which should help open its borders further to international investment and trade. At the same time, a re-emerging civil society in Russia has helped produce a State Duma that may not approve the hard-won ascension. The current protests are also causing some turbulence in Russia's economic and investment climate. However, there is also still many good reasons to consider investing in Russia, as its economy is set to grow about 4% this year and many Western companies from fast food to air craft manufacturers find continued success in Russia. See our newsletter for more great news about Russian economy, culture, and more!

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Upcoming Events

USRCCNE Breakfast Seminar!
Alexander Galitsky

Join us for a conversation on "Russia's Innovation Society: Prospects for High Tech Growth!"

Breakfast Seminar with Alexander Galitsky: "Russia's Innovation Society: Prospects for High Tech Growth"
(January 9, 2012 - Boston, MA) Alexander Galitsky is co-founder and managing partner of Almaz Capital Partners. He is a well-known innovator, entrepreneur and investor in Russia, in the USA and Europe.  

USRCCNE Holiday Dinner
(January 12, 2012 - Newton, MA) Please join members and friends of the US Russia Chamber of Commerce of New England for our annual celebration of the season at a gala holiday dinner on Thursday, January 12. We have reserved one of the leading Russian restaurants in the Boston-area, "Cafe St. Petersburg," for an evening banquet.

EuraMedia Summit
(May 25-26, 2012 - Boston, MA) The first annual summit dedicated to development of Eurasian social media and application markets will bring together industry leaders and politicians to create and make deals, with the goal of expanding successful US social media and on-line retail operations into Russia and other Eurasian markets.

Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT-BIO)
(June 14-21, 2012 - Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA) Held in Philadelphia and Boston, the 16th RANIT-BIO will highlight biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, nanotechnology, chemical industry and the life sciences.

USRCCNE and Member News

Alinga Presents at AmCham’s Annual Tax Conference
On October  19, 2011 Alinga Director Alexei Sprikhin made a presentation on the draft law “Consolidated Group of Taxpayers” to AmCham’s Annual Tax Conference. This draft law since has been passed by the State Duma and will enter into force along with the new Transfer Pricing Rules on January 1, 2012. Alexei Spirkhin's presentation may be viewed here.

Modern HR Approach to a Tricky Software Engineers' Market
Auriga’s General Manager, Andrey Pronin, shared his views on recruiting and HR development practices, tips, and Auriga “know-how” in an exclusive interview with Software Russia. 

Alinga COO on Voice of Russia Radio
Mark Orlosky, COO of Alinga Consulting Group was recently taped by Voice of Russia radio to talk about working and living in Russia. The title of the half-hour interview is titled "Riding the Russian Roller Coaster."

Genevieve Gunow Receives $200 Jury Award
The School of Russian and Asian Studies congratulates Genevieve Gunow as the recipient of the $200 Jury Prize from Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies for our 10th issue.

SRAS Announces New Summer Seminar on the Russian Elections
Russian Studies Seminar: The Russian Elections is an intensive four-week course detailing the social forces shaping Russia's political scene and how politics may impact Russian society after the elections of 2011 and 2012.

Travel News!

Study Abroad in Russia!
If you have an ad to submit to this space, contact us! Free for members!

SVO Offers Skype Flight Registration
Sheremetyevo International Airport became the world’s first to launch the service of registration for flights using the largest Internet telephony operator Skype. The service is implemented as part of a new standard of passenger service in Sheremetyevo which will further reduce air travelers’ time taken by airport formalities before flight.

Russia, EU Move Towards Visa-free Travel
Russia and the European Union agreed on moves towards visa-free travel and funds for indebted euro zone countries, but they failed to make any breakthrough on long-term energy disagreements.

Tax-free Tourist Shopping for 2012
Tourists visiting Russia will finally be given an opportunity to get VAT back from purchases made in the country.

Express Train Success
Passenger numbers on the express train between St. Petersburg and Helsinki exceeds all expectations.

Link Between Russian Far East and Alaska Restored
The Russian carrier Vladivostok Air plans to start flying between Siberia and the United States in July, the only direct service between the two regions.

Hotel Prices Still Below Pre-crisis Levels
Moscow hotels are getting busier as guests are taking advantage of cheaper rates at the city’s hotels, where prices still haven’t returned to their pre-crisis levels.

Bolshoi Theater Takes on Scalpers
The Bolshoi Theater in Moscow is attempting to tackle the problem of scalpers reselling tickets at skyrocketing prices by printing passport numbers on performance tickets.

Lufthansa Steps Away From Domodedovo
German airline Lufthansa will shift all its Moscow-Berlin flights in 2012 from Domodedovo to Vnukovo, in a major new addition to the state-controlled airport currently undergoing a management merger with Sheremetyevo.

Aeroexpress Tickets Available Everywhere in Russia
For the convenience of passengers, boarding passes valid for up to 6 months are sold from sales outlets. The validity period is shown on the back of the ticket.

Domodedovo Enters "Major League"
December 21, 2011 Moscow Domodedovo Airport will service its 25 millionth passenger for 2011. The figure will allow to join the list of the largest European airports according to the classification of Airports Council International (ACI). Currently the “major league” of European airports is formed by such giants as Heathrow (London), Charles de Gaulle (Paris), Schiphol (Amsterdam).

Articles & Resources

Russia Finally Joins the WTO - Forbes
Russia cleared a major hurdle toward opening up its huge oil-driven economy Thursday, with negotiators agreeing to final terms that would allow it to join the World Trade Organization after an 18-year effort.

Yes No to WTO
After losing a pliable two-thirds majority in the Russian Parliament, the Kremlin will test its mettle in parliamentary democracy early next year, as the newly-emboldened opposition threatens to block Russia's hard-won membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Expected Changes to Russian Tarrifs after WTO Membership
The World Trade Organization (WTO) has published comprehensive details of the tax and trade commitments made by Russia as part of its accession bid, due to be deliberated upon at the WTO Ministerial Plenary in December at which Russia is tipped to be granted membership to the global trade body.

Recent Developments in Russian Supreme Commercial Court Practice
On 14 October 2011, the Supreme Commercial ("Arbitrazhniy") Court of the Russian Federation published Information Letter No. 147 on its website. The letter deals with court practice when applying Russian Civil Code provisions regarding facility agreements.

Betting on Odds
The Kremlin’s gamble to create Las Vegas-style gambling zones in four far-flung regions of the country has not paid off as expected, Russia’s Audit Chamber said in a damning report released on Monday.

Russia Abolishes Taxes on Flights over Siberia
Russia will be relaxing taxes on flights passing over Siberia. The coming measure has been announced by the European Council.  Industry experts say the step will be profitable for both Russia and its foreign partners.

OECD Tells Russia How to Do Better
As Russia gears up for the presidential poll, wading through the controversy surrounding Vladimir Putin, the 34-nation Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is telling Moscow that "modernisation and social inclusion" are vital to the country's economic development.

Moscow Uncorked
She moved to the city two years ago from the United States to join her businessman husband and spends a good part of her days socializing with other expats and enjoying the buzz of the city. But when not drinking cappuccinos or attending high-profile dinners, Nestorov is leading a double life as an entrepreneur, attempting to fill a niche in Moscow’s hugely unsaturated wine market.

The Kazan Herald
Tatarstan now has an English-language newspaper.

Intellectual Property Court to be Created in Russia
Currently due to the understaffed field of intellectual property rights jurisprudence, vague knowledge of its specifics and not always present objectivity of those involved, intellectual property cases generally take up to several years to process, which is much longer than, for example, family or labor law disputes.

Return of the Five Year Plan?
Russian lawmakers, it seems, have been digging around in the countrys Soviet past for economic policy ideas – and are looking to reintroduce aspects of a planned economy.

Tax Structure Could Shift to Help Regions
Kremlin economic aide Arkady Dvorkovich proposed on Monday that the government consider introducing a sales tax to replace the backbone of federal finances, the value-added tax.

Russia Rich in Talent, Poor in Entrepreneurship, Says Microsoft Executive
Russia may be filled with talented IT people, but entrepreneurship is not their strongest side, a Microsoft Corp. executive said.

Russia: the Equities Roller Coaster
It’s never a dull moment in Russian equities.

Rusnano to Jump Start Russian Nano-Industry
The Russian state-owned nanotechnology investor Rusnano has been heavily shopping all around the world, trying to import the newest technology into Russia and become a world leader in the evermore important nano-industry. A great part of the company’s investments are focused on nanotechnology developed in the United States, where the majority of advanced nano research labs are located. State-owned Rusnano, and thus Russia itself, has thus become an important investor of the new American industry. Subscribe to Language Connection's Newsletter

New Tula Germanium Effort May Tip Global Market Scales
Germanium and Applications and Russia’s Rusnano have pooled efforts in a $72m germanium-based production project outside Tula to supply hi-tech sectors from FOCLs and nanowires to aerospace engineering both within and beyond Russia. In addition to domestic impact the project may have traceable international implications, carving out a stronger presence for the Russian producer in the China-dominated and steadily recovering global market. Subscribe to Marchmont News Service

Russian Corner: Practical Implications of the Legislative Changes in 2011
On November 1, 2011, Alinga Consulting Group held a seminar covering the practical application of major changes to taxation and accounting rules that occurred in 2011. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Just for Fun: The SRAS Newsletter
This month, the SRAS Newsletter includes an "obzor" of the recent post-election protests in additon to it's usual lineup of educational resources, translated political platforms, and much more! Subscribe to the SRAS newsletter

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