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Past Issue
May, 2011

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia


USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

Join USRCCNE and Yaroslav Lissovolik, Deutsche Bank Russia's Managing Director, Head of Company Research in Russia, and Chief Economist for an exciting discussion of Russia's investment climate and WTO accession. We will be meeting on June 8th, 2011 at 7:30am at the Harvard Club in Boston. Don't miss this exciting opportunity!

This month the USRCCNE newsletter brings you news of new connections to the innovation hubs of Novosibirsk and Yaroslavl, about the difference between startups in Russia and Silicon Valley (it's not what you think), and about Amazon's thoughts on Russia's customs and postal services.

Don't Miss This Month!

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Upcoming Events

USRCCNE Russia's Investment Climate & Russia's WTO Accession
(June 8, 2011 - Boston, MA) Yaroslav Lissovolik, Head of Company Research in Russia and Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank in Russia will speak with USRCCNE members and guests at this special breakfast event.

Retrospective of Russian School of Fine Art
(May 25-July 31, 2011 - Cambridge, MA) This new exhibit at From Russia With Art Gallery will have an opening reception on June 5, featuring oil painters from the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts and the Moscow Surikov Fine Arts Institute, and the Moscow School of Graphics.

What's New in Russian Accounting?
(June 2, 2011 - Moscow, Russia) This seminar will quickly introduce the latest changes surrounding taxation, payroll, benefits, and other vital areas of your company’s activity. This seminar will be presented only in Russian and will be free for your accountant or other financial professional to attend!


Yaroslav Lisssovolik
Join USRCCNE for a breakfast discussion with Yaroslav Lissovolik on Russia, investment, and WTO accession. 

Take it to the Curator
(June 3, 2011 - Boston, MA) Icon specialist Frank Ford will be available to provide visitors with information about the region, date, and subject matter of their icons.

2011 BIO International Convention
(June 27-30, 2011 - Washington, DC) The 2011 BIO International Convention is the largest event for the global Biotechnology Industry. Register to attend the meetings and/or exhibit in the Russian Pavilion.

A Cultural Tour of Russia!
(August 6-14, 2011 - Russia) This nine-day cultural travel package is unlike any tourism you've ever tried. Eat a home-cooked meal with Russians in their home. Create traditional painted porcelain under a Russian master. Sit in banyas and celebrate life with Russians who will show you how to sing, make toasts, relax, and laugh.

USRCCNE and Member News

Auriga: 200% Growth Expected by End of 2011
Auriga is pleased to see the upsurge of the engineering teams in Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov-on-Don and announces the launch of an internship program allowing Training Center graduates to start a full-time work on a real-life software development project and gradually blend in with the Auriga engineering team.

Alinga Now Offers Spot, Express Audit Services
An Express Audit evaluates internal control systems, accounting policies, major business contracts, accounting and tax records, the interaction of the company's departments, etc.  The nature and extent of the audit varies based on the desires and needs of the company ordering the Express Audit.

Travel News! 


Jewish Heritage Tour!
Jewish Studies, Jewish Heritage in Baltics
Explore the Jewish narratives in Russia, Belarus, the Baltics
and Ukraine.

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Sukhoi Superjet 100 Lands at SVO
Early on April 21, 2011 Sheremetyevo International Airport welcomed the first commercial flight of the new Sukhoi Superjet 100 (RRJ-95).

Airport Chaos Avoided, According to the President's Men
Presidential and prime-ministerial convoys will not be a menace to overburdened Leningradka, the main highway from Moscow to Sheremteyevo airport.

More DME Airlines Offer On-Line Check In
Starting from April 20, twelve more airlines will offer online check in.

New Novosibirsk-Moscow Connection
VIM Airlines will now offer flights between the capital and Novosibirsk.

New Moscow-Yaroslavl Connection
Air Management Group has started regular flights from Yaroslavl to Moscow (Domodedovo) and back.

 Articles & Resources

Why Building A Startup In Russia Is Less Risky Than In The Valley
Having built and exited a successful start-up in the Silicon Valley, Serge Faguet  recently moved to Moscow and founded a new venture. Serge shared his reasons for switching countries in an interview with Forbes.ru.

Russian Policy Options in the Arctic
This issue of the Russian Analytical Digest examines Russia’s Arctic policy. The three authors consider different aspects of this policy and approach to the Arctic.

Amazon Will Deliver to Iraq Before Russia
The world's biggest online retailer, Amazon.com, offers shipping to practically anywhere around the world, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. Even people in war-torn and isolated countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar can check the box for standard or expedited shipping. But not in Russia.

Russian Wine Industry Sparkles
Video review of Russian Sommelier contest.

DME Facing Fresh Challenges to Its Survival
Russian prosecutors ratcheted up the pressure on the private owners of Domodedovo Airport on Saturday. They allege that the offshore ownership structure of the airport encourages questionable activity and even poses a threat to national security.

Russia Runnin' on Empty
Russia may be the world’s number one oil producer, but it is running out of gasoline.

Russian Regions: Tomsk Gears up to Glass Siberia and Beyond
Tomsk Polytechnic University is currently setting up a company to produce 300,000 sq. m of innovative and cost-efficient vacuum-coated glass a year. With a burgeoning Russian market estimated to exceed 3 billion square-meters of glass and its Siberian segment alone mushrooming 30-40% a year, Tomsk windows are a project to watch. Subscribe to Marchmont News Service  

Russian Corner: Explanatory Notes to Financial Reporting
As a rule, explanatory notes are the source of most of the questions chief accountants have in the process of preparing annual financial statements. What these explanatory notes should address is the subject of this article. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Just for Fun(?): Russian Politics!
This page has been developed primarily for young Americans like our students. It represents a wide look at Russia's domestic politics with some focus on its foreign policy organs and actors. Subscribe to the SRAS newsletter 



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