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Past Issue
April, 2011

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia


USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

Spring is always a season of renewal and so it is with the USRCCNE. At the April 4 Board meeting, we welcomed two new Board members, Nick Bobrov, President, Delahunt Group International LLC and Michael O’Flynn, Managing Director, UFG Asset Management. The Board also approved Anna Uritsky as its new Executive Director. The Chamber Board is now composed of Richard Golob, Renee (Stillings) Huhs, Daniel Satinsky, Leo Galperin, State Senator Stan Rosenberg, Alexis Sukharev, Nick Bobrov and Michael O’Flynn.

At the May 18 meeting, the Board will prepare a schedule of events for the next year, add several more new Board members and review the dues structure of the Chamber. Shortly thereafter, a membership renewal and new member recruitment drive will be held.

The events under discussion are very exciting and reflect both the expanding network of contacts that our new Board members bring and the increasing opportunities in Russia.

The sum total of all of this will be a reinvigorated Chamber that can serve as the premier New England source of information and business networking for companies and individuals interested in Russia!

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Upcoming Events

Perm Economic Forum
(April 21-24, 2011 - Perm, Russia) The 7th Perm Economic Forum will take place from 21 to 24 April 2011 at the Permskaya Yarmarka Exhibition Center, Perm, Russia. The program for this year’s event will be based on the concept of “Russia 1990-2000-2010. How to move on?” and will be devoted to a review of the main stages in Russia’s recent history and to creating an agenda for the country’s development over the next decade. Among speakers for the Perm Economic Forum is Cynthia Bouthot of the Russia Innovation Collaborative.

Russian Week at MIT
(April 25 - May 1, 2011 - Cambridge, MA) Meetings, concerts, movie nights and other events organized by Russian Club of MIT. See Club's webpage for additional info.

Shostakovich Second Cello Concerto, Natalia Gutman, cello
(April 30, May 1, 2, 2011 - Boston, MA) Natalia Gutman, one of the greatest cellists of our time and overwhelmingly beloved by Boston Philharmonic audiences, returns for the third time to the Boston Philharmonic, this time in Shostakovich's Second Cello Concerto.


Holy Trinity Choir
The Holy Trinity Monastery Choir
will perform in Clinton, MA.

Russia's Day in Boston
(May 1, 2011 - Cambridge, MA) The goal of this event is to reinforce cultural interactions between the diverse Russian and American communities in Greater Boston, by promoting the strong ties in the long relationship between American and Russian cultures.

A Cultural Tour of Russia!
(May 7-15; August 6-14, 2011 - Russia) This nine-day cultural travel package is unlike any tourism you've ever tried. Eat a home-cooked meal with Russians in their home. Create traditional painted porcelain under a Russian master. Sit in banyas and celebrate life with Russians who will show you how to sing, make toasts, relax, and laugh.

Concert: Holy Trinity Monastery Choir
(May 14, 2011 - Clinton, MA) The chants and hymns of Holy Trinity Monastery represent a confluence of unique styles of liturgical singing which developed in different locales across the vast reaches of Holy Russia. The Holy Trinity Seminary Choir offers selections of ancient and traditional melodies from the yearly cycle of Great Feasts of the Russian Orthodox Church as sung in the Holy Trinity Monastery Choir.  

USRCCNE and Member News

Global Technology Symposium
This year, the event was attended by around 300 people who came from around the world to discuss innovation, entrepreneurship and investment opportunities. A significant number of those in attendance came from Russia, including representatives of the Skolkovo Foundation, Rusnano and Russian Venture Company.

Russia Innovation Collaborative Participates in World Russia Forum
Daniel Satinsky was a panelist at the World Russia Forum, an annual conference in Washington, D.C. bringing together business leaders, government officials, public policy scholars and experts on the relationship between the United States and Russia.

Alinga Now a Member of IGAF Polaris
Alinga Consulting Group is pleased to announce that the firm now has significant new global resources to offer its clients through its membership in IGAF Polaris, the powerful new global accounting association forming out of the merger of Polaris International, Fidunion, and IGAF Worldwide. 

Dewey & LeBoeuf Advises on $1 Billion Syndicated Restructuring
Dewey & LeBoeuf's Moscow office has advised key banking client Sberbank of Russia, as lead arranger of a syndicate of 16 banks, on the 32.3 billion Rouble (approximately US$1.1 billion) refinancing and restructuring of the machinery conglomerate Concern "Tractor Plants".

Travel News! 


Jewish Heritage Tour!
Jewish Studies, Jewish Heritage in Baltics
Explore the Jewish narratives in Russia, Belarus, the Baltics
and Ukraine.

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Online Registration Sparks Fears
Online registration is supposed to make life easy for Moscow residents by automating one of the more frustratingly bureaucratic aspects of city life. The new online registration services discussed in this article can be found here.

SVO Merger
The Russian Government has pledged to spend “tens of billions of rubles” to revamp and transform two of Moscow’s three international airports, in an effort to make them more attractive for eventual privatization.

Fastest Moscow Taxis
Looking for an ideal ride? This article (in Russian) explores the balance of speed and price among 14 Moscow taxi companies.

Hightened Security at Russian Airports to Continue
Patting down every passenger at Moscow’s airports is set to continue, even though a court has ruled that this cannot be an obligatory safety measure.

US Billionaire to Sell Stake in Moscow Hotels
Billionaire Ronald Lauder is being asked to sell his stake in 12 Moscow hotels that include Moskva Hotel next to Red Square.

Medvedev Gives Aviation $176Bln, Scolding
President Dmitry Medvedev on Friday promised the biggest tranche of government spending on the aviation industry since the fall of the Soviet Union — and then told Russia's aviation firms to "work harder instead of begging for money."

Pulkovo Launches Service Program for the Disabled
The program was developed and introduced in February-March this year. It implies fast-track servicing of wheelchair-passengers. To make use of services, a passenger needs to inform the airport services about the travel having filled in a special form at the airport website.


 Articles & Resources

Development Projects Cancelled by Mayor
Moscow City Hall has revised large-scale development contracts inherited from the previous government, canceling at least 70 planned high-rise, residential and office developments, shops and clubs.

Card Processing Coming Onshore
International credit card companies seem willing to fulfill the whims of State Duma deputies. Soon card transaction processing will take place within the country.

Bloomberg Loses a Precedent Tax Dispute in Russia
In December 2010, the Russian office of the US press agency, Bloomberg, lost a dispute with the Russian tax authorities as to whether the agency had created a taxable presence in Russia. Bloomberg has not appealed the court decision and it is now final.

Russia’s Film Distribution Market Soars
Russia’s movie distribution market is a ripe prospect for foreign investment after the 2010 box-office take soared to $1bn.

Jitters Over Japanese Radiation Sweep Vladivostok
Widespread fear that Japan's nuclear crisis could send radioactive fallout Russia's way is proving a nightmare to public officials in the Pacific regions but a bonanza for merchants selling everything from facemasks and iodine to vodka and wine.

Improving Russia's Investment Climate: What will it take?
Interview with Arkady Dvokovitch on Russia's investment climate.

Recent Changes to Russian Residency Laws
Excerpts from the Federal Migration Service Order No. 343 from October 14th 2010: “Concerning the Introduction of Amendments to Administrative Regulations on the Issuing of Permanent Residency Permits by the Federal Migration Service to Foreign Citizens and Stateless Individuals in the Russian Federation.”

Restructuring Company Debt by Means of Debt-for-Equity Swaps
It has been almost a year since the concepts of debt-for-equity swaps have come into practice in Russia.

Russia's Place in Washington's Trade Agenda
Edward S. Verona, the author of this article, is the President and CEO of the U.S.-Russia Business Council, a Washington-based trade association that represents the interests of 230 American member companies operating in the Russian market, and of a number of Russian firms with U.S. business.

Russian Regions: Russian Pharma Innovation
Swedish-British AstraZeneca has inked a deal with the RF to fund innovative biotech projects across Russia. And Belgium’s UCB Pharma and Russia’s Binnopharm are pooling efforts in R&D and marketing with an eye to local production and extending R&D to Russian university sites. Subscribe to Marchmont News Service  

Russian Corner: SMEs Investing in Russia: Things You Should Know
Peculiarities of operations of foreign small and medium businesses on the Russian market. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Just for Fun: Cheap Eats in St. Petes!
It's not easy to find cheap grub these days in Russia - but this semester The School of Russian and Asian Studies has two interns and a project to show one and all that it is possible to eat out and not break a student budget! Subscribe to the SRAS newsletter 



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