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Past Issue
August, 2010

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia


USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

The big news in Russia is, of course, the drought, fires, and smog. The "apocalypse" as it was referred to by many Muscovites has largely lifted and conditions are currently alternating with wind direction between relative clarity and New-York-or-LA-on-a-bad-day. The heat has abated to the more manageable 70s and 80s, meaning that companies are incurring fewer loses from shortened work days in Russia's largely non-air-conditioned work spaces.

However, the problems are not likely to go away soon as much of the smoke is coming from peat bogs burning underground. A drive outside Moscow - to the dry grass and yellowed tree leaves, shows how drought has made it easy for fires to occur and quickly spread. Current estimates say that Russian GDP may drop by one percent or more due to the drought, fires, and smog. The state, already in deficient spending, is planning to spend hundreds of millions to assist farmers, rebuild homes, and build an electronic forest monitoring system.

The good news is that the events have meant that Russians are giving to charities and volunteering time as never before. The government is also increasing rhetoric (again) about fighting corruption, increasing efficiency, and encouraging foreign investment. In the near future, however, Russia really needs just one thing: rain.

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Upcoming Events

From Silicon Valley to Skolkovo: Forging Innovation Partnerships
(October 20-21, 2010 - San Francisco, CA) This year's U.S.-Russia Business Council Annual Meeting will focus on efforts to drive innovation and modernize the Russian economy across a range of sectors, and how cooperation between Russian and U.S. companies can help propel long-term growth and development in both countries. In addition to discussing Russia's place in the global economy, the meeting will highlight the potential for cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize Russia's market. The meeting will also bring together top experts in Russia and on Russia for dynamic and interactive discussions on the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Docent Gallery Talk at the Museum of Russian Icons
(August 19; 26, 2010 - Clinton, MA) Find out more about Russian Icons with this series from the Museum of Russian Icons. Topics will be: St. George, His Horse, and The Dragon: Six Icons of Russian Beauty, Power and Faith (Aug 19); Feasts of the Mother of God in Iconography: The Dormition of the Theotokos icon (Aug 26).


Travel News!
  Yozhik and his fog come to Moscow...
Anyone familiar with the classic Soviet-era cartoon Åæèê â òóìàíå and Moscow's recent climatic conditions should find this picture amusing (or sad)...

Smog Means Massive Flight  Delays
Moscow's airports faced their first problems on August 4, when several planes had to land in alternate airports amid fires and smog across Central Russia.

Aeroexpress Offers "Smart Cards"
From August 11, Aeroexpress will offer new tickets: in the form of smart cards for frequent travelers. The new cards will offer cheaper, multiple rides in a convenient new format.

Transaero Begins Direct Flights to Cuba
Transaero will launch direct flights to Varadero (Cuba) twice a week from Domodedovo Airport in Moscow.

SVO Traffic Grows 32%
In the first half of 2010, the airport received 8.5 million air travelers, or 32% more compared to the same period of 2009.


USRCCNE and Member News

Auriga Offers Software R&D Tailored for Start-ups
Auriga, a U.S.-Russia software outsourcing provider, offers a new focused service founded on its expertise in providing software R&D services for technology start-ups and established software companies working on new innovative products. The new service line is based on 20 years of experience and is well tuned to the needs of such companies.

Daniel Satinsky visits Novosibirsk
Daniel Satinsky and his partners in the Russia Innovation Collaborative, Cynthia Bouthot and Chris King visited Novosibirsk from July 14 – 16 to further develop their working partnership with Academpark, the techno park in the Akademgorodok suburb of Novosibirsk.

All about The School of Russian and Asian Studies - the history and people behind the organization!

Invitation to Meet: Auriga Management Visits US
In August 6 - 24, Andrei Pronin, Auriga General Manager, and Vyacheslav Vanyulin, Chief Technology & Delivery Officer, are going to perform the regular management review visit to the USA. Mr. Pronin and Mr. Vanyulin will visit Auriga’s valued customers, perform management review for ongoing projects and plan future projects for the new clients.

State of Science, Technology and Innovation in Russia
Dr. Irina Dezhina, senior program advisor at CRDF's Moscow office, outlined the major characteristics of the R&D sector in Russia and offered an analysis of Russian government science and innovation policies at a presentation co-hosted by CRDF and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).


Articles & Resources

The PBN IPO Tracker for Russia/CIS
The PBN IPO Tracker for Russia and the CIS provides the financial community and media with up-to-date, accessible information on IPOs in the region. It is updated daily on the basis of reports from reliable international news agencies and financial publications.

Revitalizing U.S.-Russia Trade
After a year and a half of diminished trade flows and slow-moving negotiations, recent months have seen hopeful signs of a revival in U.S.- Russia trade relations.

Innovation Policy Report at Yaroslavl Forum
The New York Academy of Sciences is preparing a survey of worldwide best practices in innovation policy to be presented to President Medvedev at the Yaroslavl Forum on September 9.

Economic News In Review
The following resource is meant to quickly introduce the reader to the month in business news from Russia.

Can’t Live Without Kickbacks? Let's Formalize Them!
The President officially admits the failure of his initiatives to reduce the spread of corruption in the country. Corporate CEOs avoid commenting on the issue. The public accepts the inevitability of the social pandemic.

Regional Investment: $235m Allocated to Samara Region SEZ
RF Government has agreed to allocate $235m from the federal budget in 2011-2014 to set up industrial and production special economic zone (SEZ) in Samara region. Subscribe to Marchmont News Service

Russian Corner: Russia's Simplified Taxation
With the current market realities, companies are focusing more than ever on cutting costs, including taxes. One possible method of tax reduction in Russia is to switch to the simplified tax system (STS). This article will lay out the basics of what every company manager considering transferring to STS should know. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Just for Fun: Plov!
Ïëîâ (Plov) is a hearty dish made from deep fried meat and vegetables, over which rice is cooked. Find out about its name, preparation, history, and traditions! Subscribe to the SRAS newsletter 



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