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Past Issue
July, 2010

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia


USRCCNE Welcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

Famous for snow and cold, Russia is now experiencing abnormal heat and drought. As I write this introduction, sticking to my desk in 99-degree Moscow, city dwellers are sending beverage sales through the roof and farmers are asking for more than one billion dollars in loans to help them through one of the worst droughts in more than a century.

Overall, the Russian economy is predicted to do well over the rest of the summer - with oil prices holding steady, metal seeing a boost in demand, and even Russian automaker Avtovaz in the black for the first time since the crisis (thanks for Russia's ongoing cash-for-clunkers program).

We hope you enjoying this summer! As always, nothing is ever boring around here...

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The M.N. Adamov Fund For The Blind Is Looking For Couriers
The MN Adamov Fund for the Blind is the only organization in North America dedicated to helping blind students in Russia. The Fund is looking for people traveling from Boston to St. Petersburg who can take a used laptop computer which has its memory wiped out, folding white canes, or digital voice recorders. 


Upcoming Events

Icon Writing Workshop by Prosopon School of Iconology
(July 26-31, 2010 - Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton, MA)  The Museum is hosting the renowned Prosopon School of Iconology for an intensive six-day course on icon writing.  More events from the Museum of Russian Icons

Emerging Markets: Opportunities and Challenges
(Aug 05, 2010 - Northeastern University, Boston, MA) This session is offered free to the business community, but space is limited; registration is required. 

Travel News!
A rural church in Novgorod. Picture by student A. Holland, who recently participated in a
faculty-led tour from SRAS.

SVO Now Five Hours From Moscow
Moscow closed all but one lane of the heavily-trafficked Leningradskoe Shosse for repairs. Hundreds of travelers missed flights at Sheremetyevo, Aeroflot claims over a million dollars in damages, and the head of SVO is threatening to sue over the well-timed coincidence of the city's unannounced construction and the opening of a new city-owned international air terminal at Pulkovo. Vladimir Putin has assigned a deputy prime minister to resolve the situation.

Moscow-Miami Service Opened by Transaero
Moscow Domodedovo Airport is glad to announce a new direct flight to Miami operated by Transaero effective from October 30, 2010.

Sweet Dreams
Russia's overheated hotel market took a cold shower from the global economic downturn and the country’s hotel business continues to feel the hazy heat of the recession. Summer-time profitability dipped by a third and industry experts predict that the market will continue its downward trend.

Air France and KLM Transfer to SVO, Terminal E
Sheremetyevo International Airport is increasing the number of flights from its newly constructed Terminal E that was put in operation on April 30, 2010. Starting from July 13, Sheremetyevo's longtime and reliable business partners Air France and KLM airlines are transferring their flights to the new Terminal.

Sheremetyevo Connects Terminals D, E
Sheremetyevo International Airport has opened a pedestrian gallery connecting Terminals D and E, greatly simplifying access between them. Sheremetyevo Airport is now calling Terminals D, E, F and the Aeroexpress railway terminal "the "South Airport Complex (SC)," and says it will soon be an integrated facility.

Guide to Russia
USRCCNE Member The School of Russian and Asian Studies presents a widely updated Guide to Russia, with a new central page on Navigating Russia's Airports and a vastly expanded Guide to Vladivostok.


USRCCNE and Member News

USRCCNE Auriga expands experience in Android technologies
Android is gaining momentum, while iPhone and Windows Mobile are gradually giving ground. Expecting Android’s further clear-cut ascendancy, Auriga makes this platform one of the most prominent directions for growth of its mobile development program and is expanding mobile software services offered to customers.

Seminar: "Legislative Changes for 2010: Practical Applications"
Alinga Consulting Group held a seminar for senior accountants covering the practical application of legislative changes in 2010. Information on the seminar and the presentations can be found on the Alinga website.

$200 Jury Prize for Student Research
Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies, is a project of the The School of Russian and Asian Studies. This round, the best submission by a student researcher will be awarded a $200 jury prize!


Articles & Resources

Russia Information Technology Report Q2 2010
The Russian IT market is expected to start to recover in 2010 from a double-digit contraction in spending on IT products and services in 2009.

Economic News In Review
The following resource is meant to quickly introduce the reader to the month in business news from Russia.

Medvedev Speaks at St Petersburg Int'l Economic Forum
Dmitry Medvedev addressed the St Petersburg International Economic Forum’s plenary session. In his remarks, the President analyzed the economic situation in Russia and the world and outlined Russia’s economic modernization plans.

Wall Street Journal Interviews D. Medvedev
In his interview with the Wall Street Journal, Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev said he would like to continue a dialogue with President Obama and strengthen positive tendencies that the parties have achieved.

Regional Investment: Gulf of Finland Port Gets $670m
Russian Railways is putting up another $670m to develop rail access roads to the sea port of Ust-Luga as construction of the $2bn multipurpose mercantile port logistic complex in the Gulf of Finland just off St. Petersburg restarts after months of investment shortages. Subscribe to Marchmont News Service

Russian Corner: 14 Typical Schemes for Evading Taxes
Ever wondered how taxes are evaded in Russia? This recently updated article from Alinga Consulting Group outlines some of the most common schemes. Subscribe to the Alinga Market Update

Just for Fun: Koroche!
This month, SRAS's free newsletter presents more news in review, Russian music and film under its "Koroche" section! See also our language section for a Russian Snickers commercial staring Russia's most famous living ballerina. We also have lots about US-Russia relations and the recent events in Central Asia. Contact SRAS for more information on how we can help scholars with visas, housing, insurance, and other on-the-ground support in Russia. Click here for new info from SRAS on funding study abroad! Subscribe to the SRAS newsletter 



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