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Past Issue
May 2008

The USRCCNE Monthly Newsletter
For those with interests bridging the US and Russia...


Josh Wilson, USRCCNE EditorWelcome!
From Josh Wilson, General Editor, USRCCNE

This month's newsletter presents a dual focus. First, we overview the outcome of the successful Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Conference. The USRCCNE was an active participant in and a major organizer for this conference, which brought together scores of government and business leaders from around the world. You'll find press coverage of the event as well as information on its presentations below.

Our second focus looks at the changing political landscape of Russia and how the new government of Russia, under President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin may affect Russia's economic and political climate. We have included English translations of two important primary documents: Putin's speech given to the Russian Duma in which he outlines his vision for Russia's domestic policies in the coming years, and a video of Medvedev's inauguration, with English translation of the ceremony and speeches. Also included are "obzori" on Russia's economy and foreign relations.

As always, this newsletter is dependent on you. If you have an announcement or a news item to be included in our newsletter, or if you would like to subscribe to this free publication, please contact us.


Yeltsin, a Life - New Biography of the Russian ex-presidentNews Briefs

Auriga has been named one of the top 25 Russian software developersThe company also co-sponsored the 2008 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), in which young Russian programmers took the gold medal.

America in Russia is a new publication from AmCham Russia. The free, bimonthly newsletter is focused on American business in Russia and targeted at businesses and policy makers in the US.

Yeltsin: A Life is a new biography of Boris Yeltsin that attempts to look at both the former leader's mistakes and successes. A slew of reviews for this recently-launched book have shown up in a variety of newspapers, including this one in the IHT.


Upcoming Events

Boston, MA, May 16-23 - Ballets Russes is a centenary festival and a "work in process" based in Boston. It will present a variety of art and performances.

Washington, DC, May 19-20 - The 27th Annual World Russian Forum will discuss and generate new ideas for the development and broad expansion of US - Russia business, political, science, education, and cultural cooperation.

Kent, CT, May 31 - A Russian View of the World will present Vitaly Churkin, the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations. Mr. Churkin will speak on Russian foreign policy.

Kent, CT, Aug 30 - A Russian View of the World will present Janna Bullock, a Russian economist, real estate investor and patron of the arts, who will discuss her business view of US-Russian relations and perspectives about art as a bridge between both cultures.


Mass Tech Leadership Council Conference

Russia: A Partner in the Global Economy
The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Conference brought together representatives of business and government from America and three of the leading markets in the new global economy: Russia, China, and India. The conference was co-sponsored by USRCCNE and attended by an estimated 275-300 people.

Innovation is Still Key to Area's Future 
In attendance at the conference was a reporter from the Boston Globe. His views on the outcome of the conference were published in that paper last month.

Russia's Bet on Innovation (PPT)
Ilya Ponomarev, Head of the Duma's Subcommitte for High Tech Development, gave a presentation focusing on issues surrounding doing business in Russia as a technology company.

Exigen Services Harnesses Russian Power
In attendance at the conference was USRCCNE member Exigen Services. This interview with Doug Mow, that company's Senior VP of Marketing, covers his views of the current state and direction of the Russian IT outsourcing market.


Changes in Political Office

President Bush meets then president-elect Medvedev in Sochi, April, 2008The New Russian Government
PBN, as always, delivers a concise and insightful look into Russian politics. This issue of their "Russian Election Update" focuses on Russia's new government as developed by President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin.

A Russian Inauguration
YouTube has a full hour of coverage of Dmitri Medvedev's inauguration with English commentary and translation of the ceremony and speeches. If you want to skip much of the commentary, hit pause and wait for the video to fully load - then fast-forward to about minute twenty - the ceremony and major speeches last about twenty minutes.

Putin as Prime Minister
This is a full translation of Putin's speech as nominee to head the Russian government. For a summary on the social aspects of the speech see this article from Russia Profile. For commentary on its business and political impact and implications, see this article from the Moscow Times.

Obzor: Russian Foreign Policy in Review
As Russia's new government takes office, many businessmen are asking what the affect might be on foreign relations. This review covers recent developments in Russian relations with the America, the EU, China, and other areas. 

Obzor: News from Eurasia in Review
Tensions flare over the status of Sevastopol; Tensions escalate between Russia and Georgia; Turkmenistan is opening its markets; Kyrgyzstan prepares to export electricity.  


More Articles of Interest

Obzor: Review of Russian Economic News
A wide-ranging news review of Russia's economy, with particular focus on financial markets, investment, technology, and labor.

The Future of IT Outsourcing?
IT outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) countries amounted to three billion USD last year - exceeding the income received by companies in Russia.

Will Oil-Indexation In Long-Term Upstream Contracts Survive Market Liberalization?
Remarks by Sergei Komlev, Head of Directorate for Contract Structuring and Price Formation, Gazpromexport, at the Round Table "World Energy Demand and Price Setting Analysis."

Russian Corner: Audio Guide to Business in Russia
This basic guide from the Economist briefly discusses Russian business culture and travel in Russia. It's basic, but helpful.

Just for Fun: Russian Shanson
Shanson is a musical form regarded by many as distinctly Russian - and is indeed as grounded in Russian history as rock-and-roll is grounded in the history of America. This article from USRCCNE member The School of Russian and Asian Studies discusses the genre and its history.

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