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Personal Request for Assistance to Youkraine.org
8 July 2014
Personal Request for Assistance to Youkraine.org

Below is a brief letter from Roman Rubchenko, a Ukrainian who has recently started a non-profit to drive civil society in Ukraine.

Hello my dear friends,
Most of you are aware of the events that took place in Ukraine over the last 9 months, if not here is a 6 min video that in my opinion truthfully outlines what happened. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2nklduvThs
The problem
The world is acutely aware of the events that took place in Ukraine over the last 9 months. The protests, now dubbed the “Revolution of dignity”, have successfully ousted the corrupt government of Victor Yanukovich, but unfortunately the corrupt system still remains intact. As it happened in the past, it is likely to sabotage any attempts to reform Ukraine, even by utmost ethical and honest people. The financial temptations are too great while honesty is not valued very much among the government officials, politicians and judges in Ukraine. So there is an acute need for someone to monitor their actions to make sure they serve the people instead of their personal interests as usual.
The solution
We must make sure that we do not squander this unique opportunity by repeating the spectacular failure to reform the country following the Orange revolution. So following one year of learning how to make the civil society in Ukraine more active and organized, I am starting Youkraine.org. It is a non-profit organization aiming to engage the youth, transform their way of thinking and inspire them to become the active future leaders of a strong civil society in Ukraine. No one besides an outspoken civil society can keep the government and the politicians on their toes to ensure that Ukraine reforms and prospers. 
This is a unique opportunity not only for Ukraine, but for the whole region overall. USSR fell apart 23 years ago, but none of the former Soviet republics (excluding the Baltic States) have formed as effectively governed democratic countries. The Revolution of dignity and the change that can come from it in the presence of a strong civil society, will drastically transform our country and position it to become the conduit through which democratic values could enter the whole region.
To learn more about the effort and the proposed approach, please visit our website www.youkraine.org. Feel free to reach out to me is you have any questions or need additional information. 

Thank you very much in advance.
Roman S. Rubchenko


About Roman Rubchenko: Roman recently graduated from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard as a Master in Public Administration. He is launching a nonprofit organization in Ukraine whose mission is to build a strong civil society and drive much-needed reforms in Ukraine. It aims to empower and motivate the youth, ages 15 to 25, through a mix of motivational speaking, online education, professional skill-building and mentoring. The work of Youkraine.org will help the youth believe in their power, clearly articulate their vision, organize themselves and demand better performance from the Ukrainian government and politicians. YOUkraine.org – if YOU want change, YOU have to drive it. Roman has a background in team sports & strategy consulting. He played basketball for LSU in college, professionally in 8 countries, and for the national teams of USSR and then later Ukraine. Following his retirement, Roman earned an MBA in corporate strategy from University of Michigan and went on to consult private clients and government in Europe and US for 7 years.

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