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Language Connections Announces New Projects
22 October 2013
Language Connections Announces New Projects

Among the many areas Language Connections specializes in as a full language service provider, they have a great deal of experience working with international academic institutions and businesses that require conference interpreting. Language Connections team of interpreters is not only carefully selected for their expertise interpreting in a particular language, but also for their background in a specific industry. Be it nanotechnology or executive business education, their interpreters are skilled at facilitating all types of lectures, presentations, and meetings during conferences.

This month, as is not unusual, Language Connections has a large number of projects requiring Russian interpreting services. The various projects range from a conference on Mutual Nuclear Disarmament at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, to a business training program designed for a group of Russian-speaking executives, and an executive education program at Bentley College. At the end of this month, Language Connections will also be providing interpreting at an event hosting a Russian delegation from the Mayor’s Office of the City of Moscow.

Language Connections: Translation and Localization ServicesLanguage Connections is a multi-lingual translation agency which specializes in legal, pharmaceutical, medical, and technical translations for corporate and government clients. Contact them at the coordinates below. Subscribe to LanguageConnections

2001 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02135
Tel.: (617) 731-3510 Fax: (617) 731-3700

E-mail: translate@LanguageConnections.com
Website: http://www.languageconnections.com

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