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Boston City Council Passes Resolution Supporting the Development of Partnerships with Institutions in Yaroslavl
12 June 2013
Boston City Council Passes Resolution Supporting the Development of Partnerships with Institutions in Yaroslavl

USRCCNE is pleased to announce that, as a result of the Yaroslavl delegation to Boston, City Counselor Tito Jackson sponsored a resolution that was unanimously approved the Boston City Council to pursue further ties between the two cities. The text of the resolution is included below.

Offered by Councillor Tito Jackson

Resolution Supporting the Development of Partnerships with Private, Public and Non-Profit Institutions in the City of Boston and the City of Yaroslavl in order to Foster Cultural, Educational, and Economic Opportunities

Whereas, the City of Boston and the Boston-Cambridge region has emerged as the leading hub of innovation and technology both nationally and internationally; and

Whereas, the region boasts the highest percentage of young, educated workers in the country and remains the world’s foremost center of higher education institutions that produce a diverse group of young, educated and culturally-adept thinkers and doers; and

Whereas, the City of Boston and its neighboring towns and cities are filled with cultural and historical landmarks, making Boston one of the most well-known cities around the world; and

Whereas, the concentration of innovative companies and people, renown educational institutions, and rich cultural and historical sites have furthered Boston’s status as a world class city and has led to the region’s leading role in medical, health and bioscience advances, as well as businesses and ideas that improve daily life all over the world; and

Whereas, cultural understanding can be fostered through partnerships in business, government and education, which better prepares Boston’s workforce for a global economy; and

Whereas, Boston’s international status has led to important partnerships and relationships, including with our sister cities, fellow world class cities, and several nations; and

Whereas, a historic meeting recently took place between members of the Boston & Cambridge City Councils and representatives from the City of Yaroslavl, Russia, including Oleg Vinogradov, the Deputy Mayor of Yaroslavl; and

Whereas, it was clear that Yaroslavl is a city that closely mirrors Boston in population and land size, and also possesses a burgeoning innovation economy and a high concentration of colleges and universities; and

Whereas, the identification of such potential partner cities to open up new markets for Boston- Cambridge region companies is vital to continued success in job creation and expanding the innovative economy locally;

Therefore be it resolved, that the City of Boston resolves to seek out and promote valuable partnerships with the companies, governments and educational institutions of the City of Yaroslavl, Russia.

Filed In City Council: June 5, 2013

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