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USRCCNE President Presents at Harvard's Davis Center
26 March 2012
USRCCNE President Presents at Harvard's Davis Center

On March 14, Daniel Satinsky, president of the US-Russia Chamber of Commerce of New England (USRCCNE) was part of a team presentation at the Davis Center of Russian Studies of Harvard University with the topic “Can Russia Break Through Its Historical Barriers to Commercializing Innovation?” Professors Loren Graham, MIT, Sheila Puffer and Daniel McCarthy of Northeastern University were the other members of the team presentation.

Together, they outlined the main points of a collaborative article on the same theme that was accepted for presentation at the Academy of International Business 2012 Washington, DC conference, July 1-3, 2012. The presentation and the article combine, first, an institutional framework developed by Professors Puffer and McCarthy, second, a historical presentation of both the scientific prowess of Russian science and its continuing failure to turn that prowess into marketable products and, finally, a description of the current policy initiatives in Russia that are attempting to overcome the institutional problems of the past.

Professor Graham plans to develop the historical presentation more fully in an upcoming book.


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