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Perm Delegation to Boston
18 July 2011
Perm Delegation to Boston

Perm Delegation to Boston

Russia Innovation Collaborative, LLC hosted a delegation of government officials and tech companies in Boston from June 22 to 24. The Perm Regional Government was represented by Elena Gilyazova, Vice Governor, Andrei Mushchinkin, Vice Minister for Innovation and Nikolai Karpushin, Minister of Education. The tech companies included three of the most developed new companies in the Perm Region – Macroscop, which is developing new techniques of data storage for digital surveillance systems; Pirate Pay, which is developing a monitoring system to prevent illegal downloads of media through bit torrent streams online; and ECAT, which has custom filtration systems to reduce air pollution in industrial production.

The program for the government delegation focused on innovation and training with meetings at Boston University, Harvard University, MIT Sloan School and Brandeis. The tech companies met separately with potential partners, investors and attorneys in the Boston area.

The visit also included a public presentation of the delegation hosted by the law firm of K&L Gates on Thursday, June 23 and attended by more than 75 people. Keynote presentations were made by Elena Gilyazova, former US Congressman William Delahunt and Cynthia Bouthot, Partner in RIC. These were followed by presentations by each of the three tech companies and by Prognoz, a Perm-based company that has become a world-class software company in high level data management and security. Wrapping up the evening was an animated networking reception after the presentations.

Cynthia Bouthot (Russia Innovation Collaborative) addresses the audience


Presentation of Pirate Pay


Presentation of Macroscop


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