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"Innovus" - Tomsk Innovation Forum
16 June 2011
"Innovus" - Tomsk Innovation Forum

"Innovus" - Tomsk Innovation Forum
by Daniel Satinsky

Daniel Satinsky and Cynthia Bouthot of Russia Innovation Collaborative participated in “Innovus,” the Tomsk Innovation Forum from May 26-27. This was the 14th annual Forum and it had the general theme “Innovative Russia – 2020: How to Launch the Knowledge-Based Economy?” There was tremendous interest in this year’s Forum, with over 3,000 people registered. There was such a heavy demand that registration had to be closed several days before the Forum started. In the near future all of the presentations will be available on the Forum website at: http://innovus.biz.

Cynthia Bouthot participated in the roundtable discussion “Innovative Urban Environment” and discussed the theme of the role of the city in innovative economic development. She also participated in the parallel TEDx conference that took place at the same time as Innovus. Daniel Satinsky participated in the roundtable discussion “Creation of Regional Innovation Systems: Mechanisms, Practices, Competitive advantages” and prepared a case study on the growth of the biotech cluster in Cambridge/Boston, Massachusetts.

Cynthia Bouthot of Russia Innovation Collaborative speaking in “Innovus”

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