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Innovation Ecosystem of Perm city in Russia
16 May 2011
Innovation Ecosystem of Perm city in Russia

Russia Innovation Collaborative presents an innovation roadmap of Perm city in Russia at the Perm Economic Forum.

Innovation Ecosystem of Perm city in Russia
by Modern Russia

At the Perm Economic Forum on April 21-24, the Russia Innovation Collaborative (RIC) presented an overview of their “Perm Innovation Roadmap,” an extensive report that provides an in-depth analysis of the current innovation ecosystem of the Perm city in Russia and a methodology for building on its strengths and improving its weaknesses. RIC Founding Partner Cynthia Bouthot hosted a seminar that explained RIC’s methodology and six-phase model approach to stimulating innovation and introduced a framework design to build economic activity in the Perm Krai region.

RIC’s innovation ecosystem model is structured in these six phases:

  1. Conduct an innovation assessment to determine Perm’s global market potential
  2. Develop an ecosystem map to compare the current and prospective innovation environment
  3. Design an innovation action plan to maximize Perm’s potential
  4. Implement the action plan
  5. Motivate stakeholders through training and education programs
  6. Build Perm’s market awareness


RIC implemented the first two phases of the model: innovation assessment and ecosystem mapping. To execute the third phase, designing an action plan, Cynthia presented the following recommendations:

  • Technology transfer: Expand the business, market and legal knowledge base within universities, institutes and existing entrepreneurs to commercialize technology and produce new start-up businesses in Perm.
  • World market integration: Facilitate Perm’s assimilation into the worldwide technology and innovation market by measuring company operations and standards against competitors in the global marketplace.
  • Financial support structures: Increase grants, incentives and support structures and programs to match the life cycle of innovative companies.
  • Innovation infrastructure: Create physical spaces, events, associations, competitions and other forms of social interaction to allow entrepreneurs to interact, learn from each other and create business opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship: Continue promoting public support for entrepreneurship to help build its position as a leader in innovation.
  • University participation: Utilize knowledge and resources from Perm’s universities and institutes to bolster economic value and wealth to the region. 

The key to building more opportunities for success and modernization lies in innovation for Perm city in Russia. By examining the cooperative activity from every component of the economic environment and by highlighting the key areas of focus in this report, RIC has provided the initial steps toward creating a flourishing innovation ecosystem for Perm.

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