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Innovation Policy Report at Yaroslavl Forum
18 August 2010
Innovation Policy Report at Yaroslavl Forum

Innovation Policy Report at Yaroslavl Forum

The New York Academy of Sciences is preparing a survey of worldwide best practices in innovation policy to be presented to President Medvedev at the Yaroslavl Forum on September 9. The team of authors for the report includes Daniel Satinsky, who was responsible for preparing the section on the current state of the Russian innovation ecosystem. The report will be presented at a plenary session chaired by Ellis Rubinstein, President of the NYAS and by Ilya Ponomarev, Chair of the High Tech Subcommittee of the Russian Duma. In addition to President Medvedev, other European and Asian political leaders will participate in the plenary session and overall some 1000 participants are expected for the Forum.

After the Forum on September 9 and 10, Daniel Satinsky will stay in Yaroslavl to participate in the official ceremonies marking the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the founding of Yaroslavl.

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