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Auriga at 2009 RUSSOFT Forum
11 July 2009
Auriga at 2009 RUSSOFT Forum

Auriga at 2009 RUSSOFT Forum:
Keeping Mobile in Focus

On 10-11th June 2009, RUSSOFT association (an alliance of software development companies from Russia and ex-USSR) conducted its annual traditional conference - RUSSOFT Software Development Forum. The event has been held since 2001 and is among the key events for software R&D companies based in Russia. This year, the forum's technical part was devoted to mobile software, and such global leaders in mobile software and hardware as ForumNokia, Microsoft, Intel, and Digia took part in this event.

The forum lasted for two days and gathered about 250 participants. Among the main topics were the relationships between the telecommunications industry and the state, the role of the industry in the economy under the pressure of fast-changing market and the investment possibilities for start-ups and middle-size companies.

The event started with the round table devoted to the relationships with the government. According to Mr. Makarov, President of RUSSOFT, despite the fact that the government support for the industry is weak, the export volume of Russian software sector in 2008 was over 2 billion USD, exceeding the total export volume of all other Eastern European countries.

On June 11th, the central part of the RUSSOFT event took the second Mobile Software Forum. This forum serves as a communication platform for mobile device vendors, software development platforms providers, content providers, investors and software developers. Andrei Pronin, Auriga General Manager, and Sergei Zimin, Program Manager represented Auriga at the forum.

The forum participants agreed that Russian mobile software market, in terms of both users and developers of mobile software, is in the stage of active development and has a great potential. The leading mobile vendors are trying to urge forward this process by supporting the community and providing convenient entry into the market for the new talented developers. As Microsoft Partner and Customer Lead Mikhail Tsygankov stated, “talented and educated human resources are still Russia’s number one advantage which should be used wisely”. 

Concerning prospective technologies, Yuri Frantsuzov, Strategic Business Development Manager, Russia & CEER, Intel, mentioned WiMax and the mobile services segment, along with high-performance computing, parallel computing, and visualization. Auriga Program Manager Sergei Zimin shared his impressions on the current trends of the mobile development market: “Currently, there are several fields of mobile technologies that deserve special attention, namely, VAS (VoIP Audio Services) solutions, and gesture and handwriting recognition techniques.”  On the whole, the area of mobile development is thriving and the software development companies should use this opportunity.

“Mobile technologies are one of the most promising, quickly growing and maturing technology areas. At Auriga, one of our recently launched internal R&D programs is focused on that area – we aim to develop the existing expertise and gain new skills. And we see some first signs that choosing mobile as one of the priorities was right – our plans to further develop mobile Linux expertise caused interest among some existing customers, several of them indicated that they are interested in the same area and may consider joint projects with us. This year we also had several requests from potential new customers from the mobile technology domain, and we expect the number of such requests to grow” – comments Gennadiy Mahov, Director of Business Development Department. 

About Auriga:

Auriga (www.auriga.com) is a software R&D and IT outsourcing services provider incorporated in the U.S. and operating development centers in Russia since 1990. Auriga focuses on satisfying the specific needs of software and hardware high-tech companies as its driving strategy. Included in Global Services 100 since 2006, Global Outsourcing 100 since 2008, and Top 10 Central/Eastern Europe Providers of the Black Book of Outsourcing, Auriga offers services covering all aspects of the product engineering area and expertise in a set of knowledge areas from embedded systems and OS internals to enterprise information systems and Web applications. Auriga’s client list includes such industry majors and leaders in their segments as IBM, Draeger Medical, LynuxWorks, Dialogic, Actel, Verdasys, and many others.


RUSSOFT Association (www.russoft.org) is the nation wide association of the most technically competent software developing companies from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. By joining forces under the leadership of RUSSOFT we are able to provide customers with a range of comprehensive solutions and IT services.

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