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Russian Students Win International Programming Contest
30 April 2009
Russian Students Win International Programming Contest

Russian students win international programming contest

Once again, Russian teams won gold medals at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC), held on April 18-22 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The World Finals, hosted by KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology, was attended by 100 teams from over 200 regional sites. The St. Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics defended their championship title to win their third world championship.  The teams of St. Petersburg State University and Saratov State University also received gold medals, which means that Russia won in total three out of four gold medals (the fourth went to Tsinghua University). One of the silver medals went to another Russian team – the team of Altai State Technical University.

This year, participation increased from 6,700 to 7,109 teams representing 1,838 universities from 88 countries on six continents, competing at 259 sites. From September to December 2008, one hundred teams worldwide advanced to the World Finals of the most prestigious programming contest in the world. At ACM-ICPC, these teams were brought together to solve eight to ten highly complex computer programming problems designed to test students' knowledge, programming talents and insight. These teams represent the best of the great universities on six continents - the cream of the crop.

The results of 2009 follow the trend set by the Russian colleges over the several previous years. For example, in 2008, the Russian teams won five out of twelve medals in the ICPC World Finals. In 2000-2007, Russia became the world champion four times. Among the medalists for the last 3 years we see 8 different student teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Izhevsk, Petrozavodsk, Altai, and Novosibirsk. We are especially pleased to see the Moscow State University, which we traditionally see as the main source of new engineering talent for our company, in this list for four years of the last five.

This year, in continuation of the good tradition of sponsoring Russian student programming teams, Auriga is honored to have co-sponsored, under the auspices of RUSSOFT, the Russian teams in the ICPC 2009 World Finals.

“I’m truly proud of the Russian student teams that year after year get an impressive share of ACM conquest medals,’ said Andrei Pronin, Auriga General Manager. “ And I’m even more delighted to realize that we provide the world-top problem-solving force to our customers by engaging the graduates of the Russian universities on their projects.” 

Meanwhile, the finalists were selected in Moscow to attend another international technology competition – the Imagine Cup 2009 to be held in Cairo, Egypt in July. Primarily a software design competition, it enlists teams of four within the high school and collegiate levels to submit software solutions addressing a specifically provided theme; it attracted the best Russian student teams.  The team that will represent Russia at the 2009 finals is Vital Lab from the University of Nizhny Novgorod, with the project ViVa, an  epidemic protection system that tracks the epidemic distribution using special sensors and data processing algorithms. It includes Health Tracker, Pesthole Finder and an alert system to track and prevent possible epidemics.  We hope for good luck for the ViVa team.

Head of Auriga Nizhniy Novgorod Development Center Ildar Gabdullin comments: “I am excited that there are so many bright young people in this city that bring forward their ideas. As a Program Manager, I am especially pleased that this sector of labor market is diverse and rich in talent.” 

About Auriga:

Auriga (www.auriga.com) is a software R&D and IT outsourcing services provider incorporated in the U.S. and operating development centers in Russia since 1990. Auriga focuses on satisfying the specific needs of software and hardware high-tech companies as its driving strategy. Included in Global Services 100 since 2006, Global Outsourcing 100 since 2008, and Top 10 Central/Eastern Europe Providers of the Black Book of Outsourcing, Auriga offers services covering all aspects of the product engineering area and expertise in a set of knowledge areas from embedded systems and OS internals to enterprise information systems and Web applications. Auriga’s client list includes such industry majors and leaders in their segments as IBM, Draeger Medical, LynuxWorks, Dialogic, Actel, Verdasys, and many others.

About Imagine Cup

Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corp. which brings together young technologists worldwide to help resolve some of the world's toughest challenges. Primarily a software design competition, it enlists teams of four within the high school and collegiate levels to submit software solutions addressing a specifically provided theme. Started in 2002, it has steadily grown in size, where in 2008 210,000 competitors representing over 100 countries competed in the nine Imagine Cup categories.


ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (abbreviated as ACM-ICPC or just ICPC) is an annual multi-tiered computer programming competition among the universities of the world. Headquartered at Baylor University, with autonomous regions on six continents, the ICPC is directed by Baylor Professor William B. Poucher, Executive Director, and operates under the auspices of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

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