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Russia, A Partner in the Global Economy
16 May 2008
Russia, A Partner in the Global Economy


Russia, A Partner in the Global Economy
USRCCNE Co-Sponsered Event Bridges US and Russian Technology Markets

The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce of New England was a major participant in the annual spring conference of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MTLC). This year's event was titled "China, India, Russia – Our Partners in the New Global Economy" and was attended by an estimated 275 – 300 people. It successfully brought together representatives of business and government from Massachusetts and three of the leading markets in the new global economy: Russia, China, and India.

The USRCCNE was responsible for organizing the Russia portion of this international event, with strong support from RUSSOFT, the Russian software development association. Through RUSSOFT, the conference was supported by the Russian Ministry of Information Technology and Communications.

Lawrence Summers, former Treasury Secretary and current Harvard Professor led the day's schedual with a stimulating keynote address. The program then moved into two plenary panels, one for government officials and one for industry executives. The Russian Ministry was represented at the morning plenary session for government officials by Ilya Ponomarev, a member of the Russian State Duma and the chair of the Duma's Subcommittee on High Technology. Mr. Ponomarev candidly discussed problems surrounding Russia's technology industries and detailed the planned solutions to these problems. Speaking at the plenary session for business leaders, Vijay Lund, VP of Operations Systems & Technology Group, IBM, gave a presentation which strongly supported the technology potential and market viability of Russia.

The luncheon keynote was delivered by Meredith Attwell Baker, Assistant Secretary of Communications and Information, US Department of Commerce and Administrator, National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

The afternoon featured three individual workshops, focused separately on China, India & Russia, each with roughly equal participation. The workshop on Russia was led by USRCCNE President Daniel Satinsky and included presentations from the representatives of four companies active in Russia technology markets. The workshop covered both opportunities to obtain software development services from Russian companies and the potential for Massachusetts companies to sell their software products into the rapidly developing domestic Russian market. The featured speakers for the software services portion of the workshop were Chamber Board members, Alexis Sukharev, President of Auriga and Richard Golob, CEC of GGA Software Services. Both also played important roles in planning and organizing the Chamber's participation in this Conference.

Through the Conference and through other meetings arranged by the USRCCNE, new contacts were built between many representatives of government and business from Russian and the US, including government representatives from the federal, state, and local governments.  Several Russian companies participated in the conference, including Auriga, Exigen Services, Luxoft, GGA Software Services, Microsoft Russia and Jet Infosystems.

Joyce Plotkin, President of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, spoke very positively about the turnout and quality of presentations at the Conference. It marked another in a series of cooperative efforts between the MTLC, the Chamber and RUSSOFT, within the framework of a Protocol of Cooperation between these organizations that was signed in April 2003.

Daniel Satinsky, USRCNNE President, summarized the event by saying "I think that the conference and the meetings organized around it were a real step forward in building the image of Russia in the mainstream of our business community."

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