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Russian Investment Technology Alliance Launched
21 March 2008
Russian Investment Technology Alliance Launched

Intel, Microsoft and the National Community of Business Angels form
Russian Investment Technology Alliance

The IT Alliance is the first voluntary collaboration of organizations in Russia which members will be teamed up to help in developing country's IT and Software industries.

Today Intel, Microsoft and non-profit partnership "National Community of Business Angels" announced the formation of the Investment Technology Alliance. The main goal of the Alliance is to join its partners forces for promotion IT industry and software development roles in  the Russian economy and increase the share of high-tech services in Russian exports.

Berger Steen, General Manager of Microsoft Russia, siad that "in respect that all of IT Alliance partners have amassed a wealth of experience in backing initiated companies, we can be sure that synchronized work of the Alliance will give a new impulse for Russian innovative companies and IT-market growing. For Microsoft IT Alliance partnership is a part of Local Software Economy Program realization in Russia."

The IT Alliance performance will be focused on accomplishment of the following targets: 

  • initiation of a large scale flow of innovative projects in the field of software and information technology, including the establishment and development of mechanisms for selection, evaluation and preparation of projects to the level of early stage investment attractiveness;
  • investor solicitation in IT Alliance partnership and providing the conditions  for business collaboration, communication of experience, co-investment projects realization as well as supporting business start-ups in searching strategic partners;
  • contribution the arrangements for start up and venture capital firms investment financing, including  Public Private Partnership;
  • development and implementation of various educational programs aimed to get innovative entrepreneurs ready for running competitive business.

"In Russia Intel has one of the most 'representative' groups of programmers and engineers engaged in development and research in various fields: from wireless technologies to software tools," said Dmitri Konash, Regional Director of Intel Russia and CIS. He continued, "therefore, we are uniquely informed of Russian high-tech specialists’ capabilities and we are ready to support them, including through partnership in the IT Alliance."

The National Community of Business Angels, a nonprofit partnership, will coordinate IT Alliance work.

"The formation of IT Alliance is a unique event both for Russian and worldwide economy," said Alexander Kashirin, Chairman of the Board for the National Community of Business Angels. "The Alliance can be qualified as 'the innovative mover' consolidating IT leaders' efforts, Russian small and medium businesses and investors. It in full meets the strategy guidelines of economical Russian development."

The first major event of the IT Alliance, entitled "The Presentation Session," will be held on April 9th, 2008. During the event, Alliance partners will demonstrate investors business ready IT and software projects.

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