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Russia Top Amoung BRIC in Connectivity Report
18 February 2008
Russia Top Amoung BRIC in Connectivity Report

In Short:
Russia Top Amoung BRIC in Connectivity Report

The Connectivity Scorecard - click to download the full report.A recent study by the London School of Economics and sponsored by Nokia has placed Russia at the top of the BRIC in terms of "Connectivity."

The study looked at "not only expansion of infrastructure and usage but also the skills and complementarities required to drive communications networks as an engine of growth. That is, it is 'smart' usage which helps make Connectivity a driver of productivity gains and hence economic growth."

In short, the study looked at not only how "wired" a society is, but how well they can and do use the infrastructure.

The subject of Russia, India, and China the report had this to say:

"Another striking disparity in our Connectivity Scorecard is in the Resource and Efficiency driven economies. The key difference is between China and India. India scores just 1.95 on our modified Scorecard for resource-driven economies, compared to 3.38 for China. Both countries, of course, have a significantly long way to go before they can claim that they are meaningfully connected societies, but the Indian performance is especially poor. Much has been made of late of the burgeoning competition between the two superpower economies of the future, but it is clear from this research that both India and China still lag a considerable way behind the Innovation driven economies and indeed behind many Efficiency driven economies.

India scores lower than China on virtually every major dimension of Connectivity—consumer infrastructure and usage, business infrastructure and usage, and government infrastructure and usage. Literacy in India is substantially lower, and there is a glaring gender disparity in Internet access (only 23% of Internet users are female in India). For India, the immediate Connectivity priority would appear to be better infrastructure provision, followed by better provision of complementary capital (e.g., better overall education).

It may surprise some that Russia performs well in our Scorecard. However, when benchmarked against China, India and Latin American economies, it is not surprising that Russia does well. Russia scores well in literacy, gender equality in Internet access, and also in usage of technologies such as mobile by business users. The Scorecard captures the fact that Russia has a relatively strong human capital endowment that may serve it well in making the transition to being an Innovation driven economy."


The entire report can be downloaded free of charge in pdf from Nokia.

Reuters has published an article giving a general overview of the study and placement of other countries.

Reuters has also published a video clip online which feature the report's authors discussing the methodology of the report.

A similar report (sponsored by the World Bank) on Russia's integration of technology to the workforce was published in April of 2007.

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