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John Quincy Adams - American Labor Day Baseball Series
30 August 2007
John Quincy Adams - American Labor Day Baseball Series

John Quincy Adams - American Labor Day Baseball Series
Moscow, Russia - August 29 to September 4

Two Hundred years after the United States and Russia established official diplomatic relations, Americans are still traveling to Russia on diplomatic missions. At the request of the Russian Olympic Committee and the Russian Baseball Federation, U.S. based Russian International Baseball, on August 28, will be sending four Americans to Moscow on a baseball mission to compete against the Russian National Baseball Team.

On August 29 American baseball players James Beever, Mark Goodman, Kellen Raab, and Mike Rodgers will arrive to the capitol city to participate in the first ever Moscow, Russia - John Quincy Adams - American Labor Day Baseball Series. Rodgers is a right-handed pitcher and a 2007 graduate of Hope College in Holland, Michigan while Beever, right-handed pitcher; Goodman, left-handed pitcher; and Raab, left-handed pitcher; play for the St. Joe Blacksnakes of The American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.

Along with the collegian Rodgers, the St. Joe Blacksnakes pitching staff is the first American professional baseball playing delegation to travel to Russia since the Eastern League (AA) traveled to the USSR in 1989 on their Diamond Diplomacy Tour to play against the Soviet National Team just two short years after baseball began being played in Russia. 2007 Marks the 20th Anniversary of Russian baseball as on the field championship play began from absolute scratch in 1987. This event followed the autumn, 1986 announcement by the USSR Olympic Committee that baseball would become an official sport in the Soviet Union with the goal of one day winning gold medals in the Summer Olympic Games.

These four pitchers will team up with the group of 25 players from the Russian National Team in their training camp and pitch against the front liners from the Russian National Team with the reserves rounding out the squad that the Americans will pitch for. The purpose of the trip to Moscow is to offer the Russian National Team top level fresh competition prior to flying to Barcelona, Spain on September 6 as they will compete in the 2007 European Championships; Europe's Olympic Qualifier for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

2007 Schedule
for the Moscow, Russia,
John Quincy Adams - American Labor Day Baseball Series

August 29 - 5:00
August 30 - 5:00
August 31 - 5:00
September 1 - DAY OFF
September 2 - 5:00
September 3 - 5:00
September 4 - 5:00
September 5 - Rain Day

All games will be held at the Planernaya Olympic Center Baseball Field located at:
Olympic Sports Center "Planernaya"
Khimki-8, Moscow region
1414000, Russia
Phone/Fax: 011-7-495-571-0061

Player Bios:

James Beever - Right-handed pitcher - 6'4" 220lbs. - D.O.B. 10/4/80
1-1 this season for the St. Joe Blacksnakes with 4 starts in 10 appearances after 31 games as a catcher. Beever previously pitched 5 seasons in professional baseball, before arm problems put him behind the plate. Beever reemerged to the hill and reinvented himself as a submarine pitcher mid way through this season. In the off-season Beever operates Coach Beever Professional Baseball Instruction in Centrialia, Illinois. Beever will be heading the delegation and will be also working with the Russian National Baseball Team in their morning practices.

Mark Goodman - Left-handed pitcher - 6'2" 230lbs. - D.O.B. 10/31/82
The St. Joe Blacksnake lefty came out of the bullpen for 43 appearances this summer forming a 2-5 record with a 3.52 ERA. 2007 marks Goodman’s third year of professional baseball.

Kellen Raab - Left-handed pitcher - 6'6" 230lbs. - D.O.B. 2/16/82
In Raab’s first year with the St. Joe Blacksnakes, he started a team high 19 games and finished with a 6-8 record while striking out 81 batters in an even 120 innings. Raab began his pro career after being drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 25th round in 2003. Raab pitched in the Diamondbacks organization for four years from 2003 to 2006.

Mike Rodgers - Right-handed pitcher - 6'0" 180lbs. - D.O.B. 10/28/84
Rodgers was chosen for the Moscow trip for his prowess on the mound in his senior season this spring at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and for his international experience as he traveled to the Czech Republic this summer from June 26 to June 30 with Hope College as they competed in the internationally renown Prague Baseball Week. Rodgers 7-3 overall season record tied for the team lead this year for wins at Hope, and he held a 2.42 ERA with 69 K's in 70 2/3 innings pitched. Rodgers held the opposition to only a .212 average. Rodgers stellar 7-1 conference pitching record and a 1.15 ERA in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) earned him All-MIAA First Team honors and Rodgers was awarded as the MIAA 2007 Most Valuable Pitcher.

A big thanks also to Caleb Balbuena, Right-handed pitcher of the St. Joe Blacksnakes for working behind the scenes on this great opportunity for the players.

About Russian International Baseball:

Russian International Baseball (RIB) was founded in 1993 by Sioux City, Iowa native Bob Protexter out of his organization Soviet Baseball Stateside (SBS); which was created in 1990 in an effort to further the state of the game of baseball in its early years in the Soviet Union. In autumn of 1986 the USSR Olympic Committee declared the game of baseball an official sport in the Soviet Union with the premise and stated said goal of winning gold medals in the Summer Olympic Games. RIB is an American based organization that assists Russia in the areas of developing and advancing their baseball programs through coaching, clinics, equipment, marketing, and sponsorships. RIB works directly with the Russian Olympic Committee, the Russian Baseball Federation, and the Russian National Teams of all ages. RIB is located in Sioux City, Iowa USA.

Contact: Bob Protexter, Founder & President of Russian International Baseball (RIB)
Phone: U.S. 712-276-2360
Website: russianbaseball.org
RIB offices email: russianbaseball@hotmail.com  
RIB Sponsorship and Marketing Department: russianintlbaseball@hotmail.com
RIB Press desk: ribpress@hotmail.com

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