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Auriga Training Center Develops Community IT Talant
6 July 2007
Auriga Training Center Develops Community IT Talant

Auriga Training Center Develops IT Talant

Auriga Training Center (Auriga TC) has been actively working for 1½ years and has reached significant results in sharing the unique knowledge accumulated by the company with the software development community and attracting the best young IT talents to Auriga. The company’s Training Center develops and implements internal and external training programs aimed to provide knowledge in modern technologies utilized in the real-life projects Auriga is working on. Auriga TC has the following unique training courses in its portfolio: “System Programming (Linux Kernel)”, “Java Programming Technologies”, and “POSIX as a Portable Software Development Methodology”. 

Auriga TC has established and constantly develops cooperation with Russia’s leading higher education institution – Moscow State University (MSU). Recently, Auriga Training Center specialists have delivered the “POSIX as a Portable Software Development Methodology” semester course for the Master’s Program students at one of MSU Schools. Auriga sees its mission in sharing its unparalleled practical knowledge with young and talented engineers by delivering such programs. This knowledge is directly applicable to the tasks these engineers work on at Auriga and in other companies. As one of the course students working for an IT company wrote in his feedback for the course, “The training program was exclusive. Nowhere else would I get such practical knowledge that I can apply immediately to my work”.  

The most outstanding Auriga, TC activity is the “Linux Kernel Programming” training course presented by Auriga several times at different locations, including the I2IT training center in Pune, India (November 2006). The course is based on Auriga’s 17 years of experience in software development, Linux kernel, and embedded and system-level development. The course itself and the professionalism of Auriga’s trainers were highly valued by attendees from I2IT and blue-chip IT companies such as IBM, MindTree Consulting, Symantec, etc. The results of the course have demonstrated that the demand for Auriga’s expertise in Linux Kernel programming is high. Auriga TC has plans to further develop the initiative of exchanging knowledge between the Russian and Indian IT industries. 

Since creation of Auriga TC, almost 100 people have graduated from various external training programs. As an example, 60% of students of the recent Java Programming Technologies course at Auriga TC were invited to join Auriga engineering teams. The Training Center has proven its high efficiency as a pool of talented young engineers. 100% of the graduates that were hired by Auriga after completing our training courses have successfully passed their trial period in the company and continue working in different Auriga engineering teams. 

About Auriga: 

Auriga, inc. Auriga is an American IT outsourcing service provider that has been operating development centers in Russia since 1990. Auriga was the first to adopt the Remote Engineering Center engagement model concept focused on satisfying the specific needs of high-tech companies as its driving strategy. Included in CMP’s Global Services 100 list since 2006, Auriga focuses on delivering robust business and technology solutions to high-tech companies and specialty equipment manufacturers worldwide. Auriga’s client list includes such industry majors and leaders in their segments as IBM, Draeger Medical, LynuxWorks, Queplix, NMS Communications, Verdasys, and many others. 

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