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Global Technology Symposium at Stanford
13 March 2007
Global Technology Symposium at Stanford

Global Technology Symposium a Global Success

The Global Technology Symposium at Stanford was recently held in Palo Alto, CA. Originally launched a few years ago as the US-Russia Technology Symposium, it went global this year, addressing broader issues of innovation worldwide. Because of its history as a Russia-related event, the non-US participants were mainly Russian and Ukrainian. This, in our opinion, is a good thing. Russians have often been "late to the table" in the global technology market and by having an early foothold in this Silicon Valley event, it ensures that Russia will remain strongly represented on all of the panels even as representatives of other technology centers worldwide flock to this increasingly popular event. This year's event saw presentations from representatives of Russia and Eastern Europe on the benefits of doing business in their countries and lively debates on topics ranging from where the hot centers of innovation are to opportunities in alternative energy.

For more information, see the press coverage page of the Technology Symposium's site.

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