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"Westernizing" Georgian Electricity
9 October 2006
"Westernizing" Georgian Electricity

In July, 2005 Muir Marketing Communications received an inquiry from PA Consulting, an internationally respected firm that had been hired two years earlier by USAid and KfW to "westernize" the business practices of Georgia's largest utility, the United Energy Distribution Company (UEDC).

PA Consulting's mission was about more than squeezing a few more years from a broken down, Soviet era electrical system. Their goal was to completely reform UEDC to western business standards in order to attract the millions of dollars in private investment necessary to replace Georgia's electrical infrastructure!

The upside of our Georgian experience is that, because it is so unique and challenging, we have little competition. There are Georgian advertising and marketing firms that know the local culture. There are also gifted young photographers, graphic designers and video directors living in the capital city. But they all lack one essential ingredient and that is the twenty plus years experience an American firm like ours can offer. Knowledge of what basic strategies don’t work, which do work and which might work even better.

For the full article in pdf, click here.
For more information about the campaign, including video footage of the commerical, click here.

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