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General Information Sites
10 September 2006
General Information Sites

1. Highly Recommended General Information Sources

Johnson's Russia List monitors the world media for English-language articles about Russia and republishes them - everything from the Economist to the L.A. Times to translated Russian articles - for free!  (Consider making a donation, though!) A must for the true Russophile.

Russia Profile is an English-language information service offering expert analysis of Russian politics, economics, society and culture.  A joint project of RIA Novosti and Independent Media, the service consists of a print magazine (distributed for free to any location in the world) and a free online supplement of expert opinions and statistics. 

The Moscow Times is Russia's most widely circulated and respected English-language newspaper - circulation of its print version, which is distributed for free in Moscow is around 35,000.  See also its sister paper The St. Petersburg Times.  

Gateway2Russia is an information portal created and administered by the Expert Group in collaboration with the Financial Times.

RedTape.ru is an information portal and online forum for Expats living in Russia.  If you don't find your answer anywhere else, create an account and ask on the forum - you'll be surprised at the range of experts available there to answer questions on all manner of things!

SRAS Resources is sponsored by the School of Russian and Asian Studies, a USRCCNE member. They publish materials about all aspects of Russia, focused to college teachers and students in America including information about the Russian language, culture, economy, and much more.

2. Sources for Central Asia

EurasiaNet prints news and original stories about the developments in Central Asia.  A full page devoted to announcing grants and employment opportunities for scholars.

Central Asian Gateway is devoted to development issues in CA and gives bi-lingual news. 

3. Russian Publications

Pravda is a Russian news publication in Russian and English

Moskovskii Komsomolets was once the official paper of the Moscow's communist governing body.  Its distribution is 800,000 (daily) and is generally preferred by educated readers to Argumenti i Fakti. 

Kommersant is one of Russia's few remaining independent, widely-circulated print newspapers.  Rumored to have been bought by R. Abramovitch, Governor of the Chukotka Region of Russia. 

ITAR-TASS is Russia's official news agency. Their site provides Russian and world news, photos, products and services in English and Russian.

Rossiiskaya Gazeta is the official newspaper of the Russian government.  Published by the government printing press, it features a lot of official documents, press releases, interviews and news.  Nationally, it distributes about 300,000 copies per day.  Site in Russian.

4. Other News and Information

The Russia Journal a good Russia-specific news source mostly compiling reports from other sources.

Russia Today is another site that compiles daily press reviews, television reports, business news, and original content related to Russia.

Interfax News Agency is devoted to delivering news about Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Friends & Partners is an excellent collection of information and links on many topics related to Russia.

Slavic Research Center in Japan offers extensive quality links related to Russia.

The eXile is a fairly trashy twice-a-week tabloid. Between the "joke" articles about aliens and advertisements for strip clubs occasionally appears a fantastic piece of investigative reporting that gets international recognition.  The print version (in Moscow) and the online version together have a circulation of about 120,000. 

Most of this resource was originally compiled by The School of Russian and Asian Studies, a USRCCNE member, as part of a larger project entitled "The Library," which seeks to bring students Internet resources to research topics about Russia.  Here, information pertinent to our members and business readers has been taken, and edited into a form more useful for those readers.  The entire Library may be viewed here. Reprinted with permission.

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