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U.S. Civilian R&D Foundation seeking business mentor in Boston area
16 March 2006
U.S. Civilian R&D Foundation seeking business mentor in Boston area

U.S. Civilian R&D Foundation (CRDF) is seeking a seasoned business executive in the Boston area to assist us with preliminary presentation preparation and coaching of our Eurasian presenter panel to be convened at this year's NSTI Bio-Nanotech Conference, May 7-11, 2006, Boston. This Event offers Eurasian scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to present commercially viable science & technology (S&T) innovations to U.S. companies, investors and other potential business partners at the NSTI Bio Nano Conference.


The coach would be requested to review and provide feedback to CRDF on the business merits of  five Eurasia presentations and executive summaries in mid-April, followed by participation with CRDF in a presentation rehearsal to be convened May 7/8 prior to our CRDF BioNano Panel.  For more information about the conference, please see the NSTI website http://www.nsti.org/Nanotech2006/; The BioNano Conference will be held in conjunction with the 2006 Nanotech Conference and Tradeshow. If interested in serving as a business coach/mentor, please contact Ms. Jenee Petersen, Program Manager, CRDF Industry Partner Development Events, via jpetersen@crdf.org by March 30, 2006 with your CV and brief description of prior business mentoring experience.

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