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"The Golden Dumplings of Vladimir"

Article provided by:Gateway2RussiaGateway2Russia

11 January 2004
"The Golden Dumplings of Vladimir"

Entrepreneurs in Vladimir share their experience of creating an exclusive-quality product that follows the GOST (Russian State Standards). However, they have yet to figure out how to make their business grow once the local market is saturated.

Vera Krasnova

National pride and personal happiness

If you happen to visit the ancient Russian city of Vladimir, indulge in one more pleasure in addition to contemplating its ancient churches. Taste Sibirskie-brand pelmeni (Russian meat dumplings) on sale in local shops, and you will not be disappointed.

They are made by entrepreneur Elena Borisovna Nopina, who fell ill on the day of my arrival, perhaps accidentally on purpose.

Pelmeni are a symbol. They are a symbol of modern Russian national cuisine, but not only. Speaking more broadly, they are a part of a national idea that originated in the era of shortages. The Soviet people, especially the male half of the population, hailed pelmeni as more than a tasty dish. These dumplings embodied some fundamental values, for example, freedom and personal wellbeing.

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