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"Key Deal Struck on Import of U.S. Meat"

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7 October 2003
"Key Deal Struck on Import of U.S. Meat"

Trade Representative Robert Zoellick announced late Monday that Russia and the United States have reached a deal on quotas for imports of U.S. chicken, beef and pork. . "This is a very good agreement that ensures that we will maintain our historical access to Russia's market and adds room for growth," he told reporters. Under the agreement, the United States will once again have a 74 percent share of the poultry import market, 4 percent of the beef import market and 9 percent to 11 percent of the pork import market, Johnson said at the same news conference. The two officials did not say, however, how long the agreement, which is in principle only and has yet to be approved by Moscow, would be in place.

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