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Emerging Technologies and Entrepreneurship Conference
June 15-16, 2006


Moscow, Russia

www: www.etecr.ru

The first international Emerging Technologies and Entrepreneurship Conference - Russia/CIS 2006 will be held in Moscow, Russia, on June 15-16 of 2006. ETEC(R) will present an in-depth and substantive discussion on the emerging technologies that originate from the private, corporate and academic sectors; look into best entrepreneurial practices; and stage a dialog between the government, industry and academia on various partnership models to foster invention, innovation and entrepreneurship.

ETEC(R) is organized by TEKAMA - the leader in education and consulting for the high tech industry in Russia/CIS, sponsored by Intel, Microsoft, the US-Russia Center for Entrepreneurship, supported by the AmBAR, Mid-Atlantic - Russia Business Council, New Eurasia Foundation, and a number of industry organizations.

This is a perfect opportunity to learn about the exciting emerging technologies coming out of the Russian industry and academia and network with international business community.

ETEC(R) presentations will focus on the Business of Technology:

  • Russian Success in Global Technology Markets
  • Cross-Border Tech Companies 
  • Venture Financing for Russian Technology Companies - from Russian and International Sources
  • Corporate Governance in Technology Markets 
  • Business Models for Technology Startups
  • Skating Where the Money/Technology Will be

Technology Roundtables will discuss the most prominent technologies emerging in Russia:

  • Healthcare: Biotech, Medical Devices
  • Alternative Sources of Energy, Advanced Materials
  • IT, Multicore Technologies, Embedded Systems
  • Real World Web: Wireless Sensor Networks, RFID, Mesh Networks, Location-Aware Applications.

In addition to conference presentations and technology roundtables, ETEC(R) will feature the Emerging Technology Exhibition, Business Lab (open discussion on real cases submitted by labs and start-ups), 'Guru' Workshops and Entrepreneurship Seminars, Match Making for potential partners and an array of networking events.

Contact e-mail: etecr@russee.com.

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