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Crystal Trio, Harmonic Glass Ensemble
April 02, 2015


Museum of Russian Icons - Clinton, MA


$20 for members, $25 for non-members, $2 off for WOO card holders; includes Museum admission
Advance reservations strongly recommended at (978) 598-5000 x21.  Program fees are non-refundable. 
The Museum will remain open for one-half hour after the performance ends. 

Click to hear audio and see video clips of Crystal Trio performances.

Learn more about Crystal Trio and other artists represented by the agencies World Artists and Moscow Nights.  

Crystal Trio is Igor Sklyarov, Vladimir Popras and Vladimir Perminov, master musicians from Siberia who play the Glass Harp, Verrophone and Glass Panflute Bass.  They were one of the first professional ensembles to resuscitate the lost art of making music from glass, and have astounded audiences worldwide with their virtuosic renditions of well-known classical and popular modern works, as well as tunes specifically written for glass instruments.

Glass Music has been known to many cultures, and enjoyed a popular revival in Europe, Russia and North America in the 18th-19th centuries, enthralling audiences and inspiring composers such as Mozart and Beethoven with its enchanting, ethereal sound.  The famous Austrian psychiatrist Mesmer used the glass harmonica (invented by Benjamin Franklin) to calm patients down before his examinations.  “Mesmerizing” is an apt description for the effect of glass music on the listener.

Some have compared glass music to the sound of angels singing.  Igor Sklyarov muses, “Perhaps it`s an ancient memory from when our universe consisted of the smallest crystals, and this was the very first melody sounded in the void of space.”

Mesmerizing? Angelic?  A mystic memory?  Come hear Crystal Trio and decide for yourself! Click here for more info.


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