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Siberia Imagined and Reimagined - Photography Exibit
Saturday, September 13 thru Saturday, January 10


Museum of Russian Icons

www: museumofrussianicons.org/index.php?cID=712


Siberia Imagined and Reimagined brings photographs of Siberia by Russian photographers to the American public for the first time. Countless images of Siberia by non-Russian photographers have been published and those depictions have shaped perceptions around the world. Siberia Imagined and Reimagined offers an insider’s view.

The depth, range, and accomplishment of Siberian photography is impressive. Depicting subjects ranging from the everyday to the bizarre, the photographs span more than 130 years, beginning with the late 19th century and continuing to the present. They cover rural and urban scenes, landscapes, native peoples, agriculture and industry, Russian frontier settlements, the Gulag, religion, and the everyday lives of Siberians.

Fifty photographers have contributed their work to Imagined and Reimagined. Their intimate connection with Siberia is expressed in their photos and in personal comments that accompany the work. Contributions by the State Historical Museum, the Moscow Literature Museum, and other museums in Russia deepen the story by offering revealing glimpses into Siberia’s past.

Siberia Imagined and Reimagined is a geographical portrait that has the potential to alter stereotypes and challenge the simplicity of long held beliefs. The project is particularly timely as Siberia’s role grows larger on a world stage where players are increasingly interconnected. The region’s military, political, and economic possibilities have intrigued individuals and nations for centuries. They do so now with renewed vigor as Siberia’s energy and mineral resources and strategic location attract global attention.

The exhibition is organized by the Foundation for International Arts and Education, a nonprofit committed to promoting cultural exchange among museums in the united States and the countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

Free to Members or with Museum Admission

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