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Film Shorts: "The Red Menace": American Cold War Propaganda

Film Shorts: "The Red Menace": American Cold War Propaganda

Aug 07th 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


$7 Members, $10 Non-members$1 off for WOO Card holders Includes Museum AdmissionMuseum will remain open 30 minutes after program ends

In conjunction with the special exhibit, “Darker Shades of Red” featuring official Soviet propaganda art from the Cold War era, the Museum presents a series of short films produced in the United States during the same period, illustrating American response to “The Red Menace.” The program includes live action and animated films produced by the U.S. Government, Hollywood and independent filmmakers that contain overt and covert messages intended to influence the collective American psyche. Viewed from the present day, the messages and images are, at turns, curious, hilarious and frightening. An audience discussion will follow the screening.

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