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Seminar: Deoffshorization & Transfer Pricing


Moscow, Russia

www: www.acg.ru/english/seminar_transfer_pricing_deoffshorization

Alinga Consulting Group    

Alinga Consulting and the law offices of Podolsky & Klein present: 
"Transfer Pricing: Practical results from 2012 filings. 
Deoffshorization: Implications for businesses"





Date:   27 May 2014


Place: Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, Moscow. 4, Neglinnaya St (map)


Time: 9.00 to 12.00


Cost: 3 500 Rubles (free for Clients of Alinga Consulting and/or Podolsky & Klein)


Language of presentation: Russian. Translation will not be provided.


Alinga Consulting and Podolsky & Klein will present an informative seminar to discuss our experience gained in legally applying transfer pricing policies under Russia's current legislation. We will also talk about Russia's upcoming "deoffshorization" drive and its consequences. Join us for a discussion of the most important and topical issues related to doing business in Russia.


We invite you to attend this Russian-language seminar, to ask questions of interest to you and your business, and to find out more interesting and useful information related to accounting, taxation, and corporate law in Russia!


To register for this seminar and to submit your questions, please contact Alinga Consulting Group, 
by email at seminar@acg.ru or call: (495) 988-21-91.






8:30-9:00 Registration. Welcome Coffee and Networking.


9:00-10:30 Session 1. Moderator: Alexey Spirikhin Director, Alinga Consulting

  • The deoffshorization of Russia. The upcoming legislative changes and their implications for businesses. Finding new solutions for companies with foreign participation. Issues surrounding anti-monopoly legislation.
    - Denis Vasilev, Partner, The law offices of Podolsky and Klein

  • The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Complying with international taxation requirements, for example, America's Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Understanding FATCA. Joining FATCA.
    - Georgii Murvanidze, Special Council, The law offices of Podolsky and Klein

  • Foreign employees. Visa bans and other repercussions for foreigners who have broken administrative laws in Russia. Employment termination of foreign employees.
    - Marina Gabrielyan, Lawyer, Alinga Consulting.



10:30 Coffee Break



10:50-12:00 Session 2. Moderator: Alexander Kulikov, Head of Audit, Alinga Consulting

  • Transfer pricing: Practical results of 2012 declarations. Preparing notifications for controlled transactions: the specifics of filing. Preparing supporting documentation: Minimizing tax risks, recommended inclusions. 
    - Olga Tsybakova, Senior Auditor, Alinga Consulting

  • Changes to tax legislation. Changes to tax legislation in 2014. Planned changes for 2015 and 2016. Efforts to combat illegal financial transactions. 
    - Tatyana Bushueva, Senior Auditor, Alinga Consulting



Denis Vasilyev
Denis Vasilyev, 
Partner, Podolsky and Klein


Ãåîðãèé Ìóðâàíèäçå
Georgii Murvanidze,
Special Council, 
Podolsky and Klein


Marina Gabrielyan
Marina Gabrielyan,
Lawyer, Alinga Consulting


Subbotkina Olga
Olga Tsybakova, 
Senior Auditor
Alinga Consulting


Tatyana Bushueva
Tatyana Bushueva,
Senior Auditor 
Alinga Consulting




To register for this seminar and to submit your questions, please contact Alinga Consulting Group, 
by email at 
seminar@acg.ru or call: (495) 988-21-91.

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