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Breakfast seminar "Prospects for Collaboration with Russia: View from the City of Yaroslavl"
May 7, 2013; 8-10am


Downtown Harvard Club, One Federal Street, 38th Floor, Boston, MA 02110

Event cost:

Members: $35

Non-Members: $40


Oleg Vinogradov, Deputy Mayor, City of Yaroslavl
Zakhar Karmalita, Head of Youth Policy, City of Yaroslavl

In May 2012, the reform candidate for Mayor of Yaroslavl, Evgeniy Urlashov, was the surprise winner against the heavily favored mainstream candidates, utilizing social media and a door-to-door campaign to channel popular discontent into an electoral victory. (See “Mayoral Elections Give Russian Opposition a Boost,” NY Times, April 4, 2012. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/03/world/europe/russian-ruling-party-loses-mayoral-seat-in-yaroslavl.html?_r=0)

Roughly one year later, a delegation from the Administration of Mayor Urlashov is coming to Boston to learn more about our innovation environment and explore future working ties, as they make the transition to a knowledge-based, innovative economy.

The delegation will be led by Oleg Vinogradov, Deputy Mayor, and will include the Head of Youth Policy, Zakhar Karmalita and Vitaly Buldakov, International Department. They will be accompanied by a group of private citizen activists from the Yaroslavl Russian-American Friendship Society, including Irina Novikova, the president of the Society.

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