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L'Alliance Franco-Russe in Ceramics
May 29, 2012


Boston, MA

L'Alliance Franco-Russe in Ceramics

Following a long historical and cultural dialogue, France and Russia entered into a significant political alliance at the turn of the 20th century. As this alliance strengthened during the fin-de-siecle, French artists and craftsmen created a variety of objects related to this new friendship. These mass-produced souvenirs, often made with a sense of humor, expressed a desire to capture the vivid events taking place in the countries' long history together.

Date and time: Tuesday, May 29, 2012
6:30 pm Lecture
7:30 - 8:30 pm Reception

Where: The French Cultural Center
53 Marlborough St., Boston, MA

Dr. Tina Khmelnitskaya, curator of Russian porcelain at the State Hermitage Museum, will give a talk about the decorative plates and tableware, figurines, and other ephemera that were made to commemorate the visits of the French presidents and their military to Russia and the Russian Tsars and their military to France. She will illustrate her talk with extensive images of items in the Hermitage collections, as well as a small selection of original pieces lent for the evening by a Boston-area collector, Leonid Winestein.

Dr. Khmelnitskaya is curator of the Russian Porcelain and Ceramics collection of the State Hermitage Museum. Author of numerous scholarly publications, she has helped curate over twenty Hermitage exhibitions, among them international ones and has been an invited presenter at the International Ceramic Fair and Seminar (London), the Kunsthistorisches Institut (Florence); Biblioteca Hertziana (Rome) and elsewhere. She is currently in the US for a six month stay as a Fulbright Fellow, at the Library of Congress and the Hoover Institution, Stanford.

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