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EuraMedia Summit
May 25-26, 2012


Boston, MA

The first annual summit dedicated to development of Eurasian social media and application markets

The Eurasian online community is exploding in terms of growth and social media participation, much of which is incorporating digitized Western content.  The application market is beginning to develop in accordance.  The EuraMedia Summit will spotlight how these markets are becoming more fertile, providing growth opportunities for international brands.  Many businesses are already successfully capitalizing on this dynamic.  In a region with over 80 percent Smartphone penetration and in the midst of a tech boom that is revamping regional business, now is the time for media and on-line companies that incorporate social media and application components, as well as those willing to sell content to foreign on-line operations, to really take a foot hold and ride the current wave to larger international brand recognition and sales. 

This two-day conference will bring together industry leaders and politicians to create, meet, greet, and make deals, with the goal of expanding successful US social media and on-line retail operations into Russia and other Eurasian markets.

Day one of this year’s conference will feature the lecture series "APPS WITHOUT BORDERS", concentrating on Western companies, with Internet and application components, seeking to bring their brands and business models to the Eurasian markets, with a focus on Russia and Ukraine. Topics to be discussed include GPS and other local-based marketing, on-line payment systems, marketing and PR across platforms, cellular technology development, tax and legal issues, and creation of on-the-ground partner networks.

The second day of the conference will be dedicated wholly to the development of the regional social media market, an industry which has received significant buzz after Viacom co-hosted a summit on the subject at this year’s MIP.COM conference, and how Western companies can monopolize on this growth via content sales, cooperation, localization, and direct investment.  Evening one will feature an awards dinner for regional industry leaders and luminaries and evening two a reception for all attendees.

Who should attend?

Professionals, brands, agencies, entrepreneurs, startups, journalists, and, bloggers who would benefit from meeting with local Eurasian media, technology, and financial experts, as well as goods and service providers, who can help them fill in any gaps in their market entry strategies.  Although EuraMedia will be largely an invitation-based event, 200 tickets will be made available to the public, which will go on sale January,2012.

Where, When?

The EuraMedia Summit will be hosted at the Liberty Hotel in Boston, MassachusettsMay 25-26, 2012


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