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2011 Global Technology Symposium
March 23-25, 2011


Menlo Park, California, USA

www: www.GlobalTechSymposium.com

Registration is now open for the 2011 Global Technology Symposium (www.GlobalTechSymposium.com), which will be held from March 23-25, 2011, in Menlo Park, California, USA.

Join us for the premier investment conference focused on venture capital, entrepreneurship, and growth companies in emerging markets!

Each year since 2004, the Symposium has brought more than 300 selected opinion leaders in business, finance, technology, and policymaking to Silicon Valley, where they share insights into the opportunities and challenges of globalization.

The theme of this year’s Symposium will be “Silicon Valleys of the World.” On March 23rd, the Symposium’s “Russia Day” will showcase Russian companies.

Among the topics that speakers will discuss are:

  • Can regions such as Bangalore (India), Israel, Silicon Fen (UK), Skolkovo (Russia), and Singapore replicate the Silicon Valley model? How can countries create an innovation corridor?
  • What “best practices” can emerging and developed markets learn from each other? Are emerging markets leading the economic recovery? What strategies can investors, blue-chip companies, and entrepreneurs adopt when in emerging markets?
  • What is the “Next Big Thing”?
  • What is the proper role of government in fostering innovation? What is the role of the energy industry in commercializing new technology?
  • Are we over-regulating the financial sector? How do new financial regulations affect the entrepreneurial economy?
  • What makes for effective leadership? How do companies manage for long-term innovation?
  • What is the “state of the venture capital industry” in California and abroad?

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Please visit www.GlobalTechSymposium.com to view the latest speaker list and to register.

USRCCNE Members should write to registration@usrccne.org to receive a code for a $100 discount when registering for this conference.

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