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USRBC Briefing with Arkady Dvorkovich


  USRBC Briefing with 
Arkady Dvorkovich  

  Wednesday, July 29, 4-6pm     





USRBC Briefing with
Arkady Dvorkovich
Wednesday, July 29, 4-6pm
Crystal Room
Willard Hotel
1401 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 












Dear Council Members and Friends,


The USRBC is pleased to announce that Arkady Dvorkovich, President Medvedev's Economic Advisor, will speak at a Council event in the Crystal Room of the Willard Hotel at 4PM on Wednesday, July 29.  


Mr. Dvorkovich will make brief remarks on the full range of current economic issues and then invite questions from the audience, including those related to:


  • measures the government is taking to cope with the global economic downturn;
  • economic diversification;
  • attracting foreign investment;
  • Russia's accession to the WTO and the formation of a customs union with Kazakhstan and Belarus;
  • proposals on international energy security;
  • concepts for broadening foreign exchange reserve instruments.


Refreshments will be served and the event will conclude no later than 6PM.    


Registration Fee

USRBC Members: $40  

Non-Members:      $100 


Please use the following link to register

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