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Russian Economic Forum
20-22 April 2008



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11th Annual
Russian Economic Forum
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London
20-22 April 2008

The Forum has always relied on a number of important fixed elements and well established traditions. Nevertheless, a key secret to maintaining its success for more than a decade has been its ability to adapt, to keep up with the evolving needs and changing face of Russian businesses.

2008 will be no different, with plans for a number of important innovations.

An important new critical component for 2008 will be a ‘Russia Roadshow’ of leading Russian CEOs and CFOs to the City - London’s financial centre – which will be timed to coincide with the Forum. Many investment banks have been already doing this every April on a more individual basis, on the fringes of the conference, but for 2008 these efforts will be more coordinated and streamlined, and will help to give an even stronger practical business focus for key Russian participants coming to London at this time. Ordinarily, roadshows are designed to help an individual company sell itself to the investment community, to receive a better price based on any mitigating risks. Taken one step further, a roadshow of ‘Russia plc’ will help to raise the value of the entire Russian economy in the eyes of international investors – to showcase the country’s industry as a whole.

2008 will also see the creation of a special advisory board consisting of key representatives from Russian and international government institutions and business, to offer valuable feedback about the conference agenda.

The Forum will once again serve as a showcase of Russian achievement in the economic sphere and will provide a platform for the Russian business community to meet Western trade and investment partners. At the same time, next year’s event will follow shortly after the historic presidential elections of 2008, and will be the first opportunity for the international finance and business community and other observers to learn about the economic policy of a new Administration.

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