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DC: Supporting U.S.-Russian Trade and Fostering Entrepreneurship

Event cost: There is no charge for this event.

Supporting U.S.-Russian Trade and Fostering Entrepreneurship
October 30, 2007
10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

VENUE: U.S. Trade Center of the Ronald Reagan Building (Mezzanine Level above Food court), Conference Room B

This forum will bring together a group of Russian women entrepreneurs that came to the United States under the auspices of the Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program; representatives of the U.S. Department of Commerce leadership; and members of U.S. business community. This event is a part of the commemorations of this year's 200th anniversary of US/Russian diplomatic relations. 


10:00-10:30  Attendee Registration
10:30-10:40  Welcoming remarks by Michelle O'Neill, Deputy Undersecretary, U.S. Department of Commerce
10:40-10:50  Group introduction
10:50-11:00  U.S. Commercial Service programs to facilitate U.S.-Russia trade - Rochelle Lipsitz, Deputy Director General, U.S. Commercial Service
11:00-11:15  U.S. company perspective on investing in and doing business with Russia - Randall Morgan, Ariot Intl.
11:15-11:25  Department of Commerce Program for Entrepreneurial Growth (PEG) -- Cameron Cushman, Confidential Assistant to Assistant Secretary Bohigian
11:25-11:40 U.S.-Russia partnerships - recipe for success - Julia Karpeisky, JMK Contact, Inc.
11:40-11:55 Q&A
11:55-12:00  Closing Remarks - Philip de Leon, BISNIS/U.S. Commercial Service
12:00-12:30 1-on-1 meetings with participating private companies

Participation is FREE OF CHARGE

Please RSVP by October 29th, 2007 to Irina Mitchell via e-mail at: Irina.Mitchell@mail.doc.gov



1.  Name:  Ms. Nadezhda Sergeyevna ALEKSEYEVA   
Present Position: General Director, KardioKlinika, St. Petersburg   

Professional Interests: Ms. Alekseyeva has worked in the field of cardiology for 25 years, and for 16 years has worked in the Department of Cardiac Surgery of the St. Petersburg State Medical University.  Ms. Alekseyeva also heads her own cardiology clinic in Moscow, the first private clinic in the city.  Ms. Alekseyeva is also a member of a number of clinic associations and well-connected in the field of cardiology.  She seeks to study the experience of private clinics in other countries to improve the healthcare sector in Russia.   
2.  Name:  Ms. Gultsara Mardanovna ATANOVA   
Present Position: Executive Director, Tekhpromkomplekt, St. Petersburg  

Professional Interests: Ms. Gultsara Atanova is executive director of a large company that supplies various industrial items for factories in Russia and abroad.  The company is currently developing a new method of manufacturing alloys by an environmentally safer method that also improves the quality of the product.  Ms. Atanova has also developed a TV project that showcases specialists who have contributed to the country in various ways.     
3.  Name:  Ms. Yelena Arfiyevna FEDYASHINA   
Present Position: Executive Director, Komitet 20 NGO, Moscow   

Professional Interests: Ms. Yelena Fedyashina is the Executive Director of the Committee of 20, an association of the most successful Russian businesswomen.  The mission of the association is to help women entrepreneurs increase their success and be recognized as an influential power in the country's economic development.  Ms. Fedyashina is also the Director for the Alliance of American and Russian Women.  She has initiated and coordinated numerous programs aimed at providing Russian business women with an opportunity to learn best practices in the areas of mentoring, networking, and participation in public life to enhance their business opportunities and links on the national and international level.  She has won several awards, diplomas, and certificates of excellence from the Russian government.   
4.  Name:  Ms. Polina Aleksandrovna GUSEVA   
Present Position: Executive Director, Adekta Kapital, St. Petersburg   

Professional Interests: Ms. Polina Guseva is the Executive Director and shareholder of investment holding company, Adekta Kapital, which serves clients at the leading Russian trade platforms, as well as Western and American stock markets.  She has more than 10 years of experience in finance and provides consulting services to a variety of clients.  Not only is Ms. Guseva a very successful Russian businesswoman, she is also one of the chief editors of a newspaper serving the Leningrad region.  She is also a member of a well-respected trade union, the St. Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. 
5.  Name:  Ms. Elvira Viktorovna MAYMINA   
Present Position: Chairperson, Gazinvestbank, Moscow   

Professional Interests: Ms. Elvira Maymina is the Chair of the Board of Directors for Gazinvestbank, a universal financial institution.  The bank provides services for small and medium businesses as well as federal level enterprises. Ms. Maymina has worked on a number of government committees including: planning, industry, trade, oil and gas.  She is also a member of the Committee of 20, an association of the most successful Russian businesswomen.  She is also a member of a variety of civic society organizations and would like to further her knowledge of how businesses can be civically responsible. 
6.  Name:  Ms. Diana Yakovlevna MEDMAN   
Present Position: General Director, ARKOS Satellite Systems, Moscow  

Professional Interests: Ms. Diana Medman holds high-level positions in a number of companies and industrial groups.  A graduate of Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies, she is the Director of AO Bioprocess and General Director of Sputnik Systems ARKOS.  Ms. Medman is a member of many women's organizations, both national and international, including the Committee of 20, an association of the most successful Russian businesswomen.  She formed the Russian Women's Microfinance Network in 1998, which has been successful despite economic volatility.     
7.  Name:  Ms. Aygyul Rashitovna MIRZAYANOVA   
Present Position: Director, Marka PR Agency, Kazan   

Professional Interests: Ms. Aygyul Mirzayanova is the Director of Marka PR Agency, a journalist, producer, TV anchor, and reporter.  Ms. Mirzayanova has won several awards for her work as a TV anchor in Russia and is a high-profile figure in her region.  Besides being the Director of a PR agency and heavily involved in journalism, she is also the press-attaché of the Republican Council on Charity under the President of Tatarstan. 
8.  Name:  Ms. Inna Viktorovna SHCHERBINA   
Present Position: Director/Owner, Orthospine Clinic, Moscow   

Professional Interests: Ms. Inna Shcherbina is Commercial Director of Orthospine Clinic, the first clinic in Moscow that treats musculoskeletal problems.  Ms. Shcherbina hopes to further her knowledge on how to better manage her clinic and expand her business by meeting with other like-minded business people in the U.S.     
9.  Name:  Ms. Yelena Davydovna YARMAK   
Present Position: Owner, Helen Yarmak Fashion House, Moscow   

Professional Interests: Ms. Helen Yarmak launched her own fashion house in 1992 and today is a well-known brand name internationally.  Her pieces have been shown in a number of television series and movies and she has won numerous awards for her creations.      
10. Name:  Ms. Marina Nikolayevna ZAREMUK   
Present Position: Director, Audit Consulting Center, Moscow   

Professional Interests: Ms. Marina Zaremuk is the owner and Director of the Auditing Consulting Center.  Active in her community, she organizes student contests in auditing and organizes master level classes on finance and auditing at the Kuban State Agrarian University.  In addition, Ms. Zaremuk is also the founder of the charity organization, Friends of the Kovalenko Museum.   
11. Name:  Ms. Natalya Aleksandrovna ZHURAVLEVA   
Present Position: Director, Institute of Independent Socio-Economic Studies, St. Petersburg   

Professional Interests: Ms. Natalia Zhuravleva is a Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute of Independent Socio-Economic Research, an auditing and consulting company.  By 2006, her company grew to Russia's 40th largest auditing company.  In addition to her academic and professional success, Ms. Zhuravleva has developed a package of 16 draft laws for the Russian Federation on regulation of credit organizations and financial markets of Russia.  She was on the Board of Experts on Entrepreneurship to the President of Russia in 2004 and on the Board of Experts of International Fund on Investments and Taxation, Netherlands, since 1998.   
12. Name:  Ms. Tatyana Ivanovna ZRELOVA   

Professional Interests: Ms. Tatyana Zrelova is the General Director of Joint Venture Dialogue (JVD), one of the first joint business ventures in the Soviet Union.  JVD was one of the first local partners of a number of major Western companies, including Microsoft, AT&T, Autodesk, Cadkey, Dell, and Xerox.  JVD incorporates 32 small companies across a variety of sectors: IT, electronics and office equipment, real estate, and construction.  These companies are located across Russia, the CIS, and several European countries.   

JV Dialogue has had a great impact in developing the domestic computer industry, and those who worked in management of the company later became the core of the computer business elite in Russia.  Such successful companies as Dialog Bank, Perestroika, Troika Dialog, and many others all originated from the JVD group.  She was the Olympia National Prize Laureate in 2001.     

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